For BlōFISH founder Logan Manford, creating a clothing line that he felt was fitting for all genders, sexual orientations and races wasn’t enough. He wanted to put his money where his mouth was, funding the work of organizations that make the world a better place for all.

So he committed, from BlōFISH’s very first sale in 1994, to give 10% of his company’s revenue to non-profit organizations that help advance diversity and inclusion.

Today BlōFISH, based in Louisville, Ky., has donated tens of thousands of dollars, all while creating a clothing line for everyone and a shopping experience that is based on inclusion.

From BlōFISH’s very beginning, they have demonstrated a commitment to the LGBTQ community. The company carries a Pride line with rainbows and slogans of inclusion, and another All4All line that takes the Pride line even further.

“We wouldn’t be here without being part of the LGBTQ community,” Manford said. “The reason brick and mortars are so important, is we want to create a place where everyone can shop.”

The entire BlōFISH line also doesn’t label its clothes by gender. “We don’t label people,” the company’s Web site says, “so why would we do that to our clothes?” Their clothes’ sizing chart fits men, women and everyone in between, all depending on the look you’re going for.

“I love BlōFISH because it’s a home for everyone,” said Dalton Maldonado, a gay former high school athlete who works on social media and event relations for BlōFISH. “It is a place of acceptance and love, these are two things that we need to be spreading more of in the world.”

Maldonado is currently a student at the Univ. of Louisville. He came to national prominence when he shared his harrowing tale of intimidation when he came out at a high school basketball game in Kentucky.

The non-profit organization that BlōFISH has selected to support in February is You Can Play, which aims to make the environment in sports for LGBTQ people. For Manford, helping improve the experiences of athletes hits home. The former collegiate athlete played baseball at Division II Bellarmine Univ. in Louisville.

“It’s great to be able to team up with an organization because we know our money is going to go to good use with an organization like this,” Manford said.

Don’t think the company has simply jacked up prices to cover the 10% donation. Its prices — $25 for a T-shirt, $54 for a hoodie — are in line with other clothing brands.

“Our brand speaks for something,” Manford said. “That helps us keep our inventory down. We do the work ourselves with local seamstresses.”

The clothing is produced in various locations across the country, including Los Angeles, New York and Kentucky.

Dalton Maldonado isn’t just an employee, he’s also a model.
BlōFISH messages resonate across the LGBTQ community.