For years, Human Rights Campaign has made headlines beyond its activism, political campaigning and fundraising by surveying corporations, health care institutions. Now HRC is conducting what it’s calling “the first-ever research survey” on LGBTQ sports experiences.

“Did you play on an athletic team that fully embraced your LGBTQ identity?” HRC’s Liam Miranda asked online.

“Did you dread attending gym class in grade school? Does your neighborhood fitness center have transgender-inclusive policies and facilities? We want to hear about your experience in athletic spaces — the positive, the negative and the impact they had on you.”

Why is HRC asking? Sarah McBride, HRC National Press Secretary, told Outsports: “Sports are a fundamental part of our society and communities. The ability to participate in sports can help reduce stress, enhance physical health and foster teamwork and cooperation. Too often, LGBTQ people are excluded from these community spaces and activities. In order to ensure accessible and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ athletes, participants and fans, we need a clearer picture of the reality facing our community in sports. This groundbreaking survey will help us gain the necessary information to fight for progress in sports at all levels.”

And there’s a bonus for those who share their stories: HRC is offering participants a chance to win a gift card.

Click here to take HRC’s survey, and we invite you to share your stories with us in the comments or on the Outsports Facebook page.