Rob Kearney, one of the world’s strongest men, had quite a week that ended with him marrying his boyfriend, Joey Aleixo, on a beach in Australia on St. Patrick’s Day.

Days after taking first place at the 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman contest and being congratulated by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kearney and Aleixo wed on Half Moon Bay Beach.

The men, who have the Instagram handles “worlds_strongest_gay” and “worlds_gayest_strongman,” announced their marriage on Instagram.


So we did a thing. We didn’t tell many people, but on March 17, 2019 @worlds_gayest_strongman and I got MARRIED!! To call this man my husband is a dream come true and he is and always will be my soulmate. I am so excited to start this new journey as a married couple and my heart has never been so full of love 💙💙 #husbands


March 17th, 2019 is a day that i will never forget. Today is the day that I OFFICIALLY MARRIED MY BEST-FRIEND! @worlds_strongest_gay you will always have my heart and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us 💙

Even Schwarzenegger got in on the act:

Kearney, 27, came out five years ago and has been very public about his relationship with Aleixo, including their brief separation last year. When not competing, he is the head athletic trainer at the Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts.

He is also insanely strong. For example, in one event at the Arnold, he carried a device (called a yoke) loaded with 1,102 pounds and ran the distance in 13.2 seconds.

Kearney and Aleixo at the Arnold Pro Strongman contest in Melbourne.

In an interview with the Williston website about a talk he gave at the school about being gay in 2017, Kearney used weight as a metaphor after he came out as gay.

“He said that when the metaphorical weight was lifted from his shoulders, he could focus all that energy on lifting literal heavy objects. And his strongman career blossomed. ‘It made me a better strongman,’ he said.”