“Hey, look, this is a PSA,” says welterweight boxer Adrien Broner in a video story he posted on Instagram. But what he says next is unlike any public service announcement we’ve ever seen, and has the potential to land him in legal trouble.

“If any fag, punk ass n-—-r come run up on me, touch, try to touch me on the, all that gay shit, I’m letting you know right now: if I ain’t got my gun on me, I’m knocking you the fuck out,” he says, in the hate-filled rant first reported by TMZ.

Then Broner takes it one step further: “If I got my gun on me, I’m shooting you fucking face.”

While the video no longer appears on Broner’s Instagram account, some of his 1.1 million followers, among others, have shared it and tagged him.

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An unnecessary PSA from #AdrienBroner.

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According to TMZ and Yahoo Sports, this is part of an explosive online exchange between Broner and “ex-gay” social media personality Andrew C. Caldwell of St. Louis, who made a name for himself by claiming “I’m not gay no more, I am delivert!” Viral video of his “conversion” has more than 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Their feud has been escalating since Caldwell, who has 96K followers on Instagram, sent Broner a direct message. Broner threatened him for sliding into his DMs: ”[Andrew C. Caldwell] if you don’t get out my inbox before I punch the testosterone out yo GAY ASS,” Broner wrote to Caldwell. That post has also been shared by followers but no longer appears on either Broner or Caldwell’s account pages.

Broner did post this:

As for Caldwell, he’s posted that he’s blocked Broner. According to the Jasmine Brand, Caldwell admitted on Instagram live that he did slide into Broner’s DMs, but he denies he and the boxer were flirting. He also knocked Broner’s unspectacular record in the ring:

“I’m just gonna go ahead and say this, ’cause I don’t have time. I just posted a picture on my page of the block- I just blocked him, ’cause he needs some attention. Chile, don’t make me call May Floyweather. You have have not won since May of 2017! How dare you come to my inbox! All I said was, ‘Keep up the good work.’ Next you know I’m gettin’ a tag talkin’ ’bout, ‘Stay out my inbox!’”

Caldwell also claims he’s been meeting with lawyers to discuss potential legal action.

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Look here homegirl 👏👏✌️

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