What a week for the NBA’s Dwyane Wade and his family! On Tuesday night, the Miami Heat honored its star guard before he played his final game. His wife and sons paid tribute, too, just days after Wade himself celebrated his son’s Zion attendance at Miami Beach Pride.

Wade shared photos on his Instagram story of 11-year-old Zion and his family at Sunday’s event while he was traveling with the Heat.

Zion Wade and Gabrielle Union at Miami Beach Pride

Wade made it clear he supported Zion by captioning a photo of him posing with his stepmom, actress Gabrielle Union, “We support each other with Pride!” Zion wore a rainbow ribbon, carried a rainbow fan and dressed in bright green and yellow for the event, as Union wore a top bearing the family name.

In another Instagram story photo, Wade added a rainbow flag emoji and noted Zion had his own cheering section by his side — 17-year-old big brother Zaire Blessing Dwyane, 5-month-old baby sister Kaavia James, Union, and other members of his family — and that he “Wished I was there to see you smile, kid!”

Dwyane Wade’s family at Miami Beach Pride

Zion’s older brother posed with him, too, in another Instagram photo, on which their dad wrote “It’s a family thing.”

“Love you lil bro no matter what,” Zaire captioned the same brotherly love photograph on his own Instagram Story, adding on another one: “Gotcha back kid / Support gang!”

Zaire and Zion Wade at Miami Beach Pride

In another picture, Union signaled the peace sign alongside Zion, who added a unicorn horn accessory to his ensemble.

Gabrielle Union and stepson Zion Wade at Miami Beach Pride

Hundreds of fans cheered Wade and Union’s show of support for Zion on social media, a great example of what pride is all about. Although some reports and tweets have suggested Zion came out at the march, Wade and Union have not made any public comments regarding his sexuality, other than expressing their love and support for him.

And it’s hardly the first time. The family cheered on Zion last month when he walked the runway at Wade’s charity fashion event.

On Tuesday night, the family celebrated with Heat fans as the team honored Dwyane Wade for his legendary contributions to both the club and the sport. Zaire introduced his father before the game.

Zion paid tribute to his dad in a video and Wade thanked his family and fans for the emotional sendoff.

In the video, Zion told his dad he’d better not lose, and Wade didn’t disappoint: he scored 30 points as the Heat beat the 76ers 122-99, but were eliminated from the NBA playoffs. Read about his incredible legacy on SB Nation and watch tributes to Wade’s amazing career below.

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