The outpouring of love and support for gay pro strongman Rob Kearney and his newlywed husband Joey Aleixo, since our March report on their wedding, has been uplifting and inspiring.

Especially as evidenced in tweets by Outsports readers, comparing the happy pair to super heroes and fantasizing about what the power couple must be doing behind closed doors.

So inspiring, in fact, that we asked the happy couple if they would collaborate with us on a new video that we call “Sweet Tweets.”

If you’ve seen Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment — in which celebrities read very unflattering tweets about themselves — you’ll get the premise here. Our twist is that all the tweets are from Outsports readers, reacting to our March 19, 2019 report on Kearney and Aleixo’s wedding. And unlike the ones on Kimmel’s show, all these tweets are very sweet and funny.

The guys were pumped at the idea of doing this, and they recorded a video in their home that we’ve turned around and dressed-up a bit for your enjoyment.

If you enjoyed this, let us know, and we’ll work on another one with more LGBTQ athletes.