While the Women’s National Team have been winning their way through the World Cup soccer tournament, kicking their way across nine French cities, another team of American women have been competing with a much smaller ball in Paros, Greece.

And in this sport, they absolutely, positively use their hands.

Team USA beach handball is taking part in “friendlies” against other nations, and the fresh face on the team is a former University of California soccer goalie who made her international debut this week.

Athena Del Rosario just happens to be transgender. She recently appeared along with three other transgender women at Outsports Pride on the UCLA campus.

While in college, she came out to her teammates on the UC Santa Cruz women’s soccer team. All this week, she has been tweeting about playing with Team USA.

Team USA lost by 1 point in a shootout with France, and as Del Rosario tweeted, France beat the world champion team from Greece. Del Rosario (front row, far left) posed on the beach with her teammates and coaches.

Team USA

On Friday, Team USA took on Greece, and unfortunately, the world champions beat them in what Del Rosario tweeted was “a hard fought match.”

You can follow Del Rosario on Twitter at @MsGoalieQueen. She’s also on Instagram.