Alex Reimer, the WEEI radio contributor who came out publicly as gay almost three years ago, is taking his talents to Beacon Street.

The 20-something longtime podcast and radio personality will be leaving WEEI for an opportunity as the director of communications for Massachusetts State Senator Eric Lesser. Lesser is a Democrat who represents an area near Springfield, Mass.

In announcing the move, Reimer said his passion has in recent months shifted from sports to politics.

“For an extended period in my life,” Reimer wrote in his farewell WEEI column, “I could name every player in the league, including the September call-ups. But that is no longer the case, so it is time to try something new. At this stage in my life, I am more apt to live-tweet Rachel Maddow than tomorrow night’s Red Sox game.”

For those following Reimers career over the years, this will likely come as a big surprise. He’s been in sports broadcasting in some form since he was 12 years old, talking with some authority about his beloved Red Sox and other New England sports teams.

Steve Buckley, one of Reimer’s friends in the biz and mentors, weighed in on what he saw from the young broadcaster:

Along the way Reimer created some controversy too, but he wouldn’t have fit in at WEEI if he didn’t. To the station’s credit, they embraced Reimer from day one and stuck by him through some pretty ugly mud being slung his way.

We at Outsports wish Reimer the best of luck and good fortune in the State House and wherever his career takes him.