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WINNER: Ryan Russell

Free agent Ryan Russell wants to land back in the NFL. Being his true self is now paramount for his life’s next chapter. He announced that he is bisexual in exclusive interviews with ESPN and Outsports.

LOSER: LGBTQ fans of the USTA and U.S. Open

The U.S. Open hosted its very first Pride this week, and out tennis player Nick Lee was there to ask: where are the other gay men? “Why hasn’t even one man come out in professional tennis? We have several prominent women who have been out while playing, but no men.”

WINNER: SonicFox and The Trevor Project

The Evo champion raised over $22,000 for The Trevor Project while playing fighting games for 72 hours. When donations topped $20,000, he shaved his beloved mustache for the first time ever.

LOSER: Indianapolis Colts fans who booed Andrew Luck

The quarterback told reporters, the decision of whether to heal his body or to continue to play football was one that he ultimately said, “I choose me.” Shouldn’t everyone? Even closeted NFL players?

WINNER: Ryan O’Callaghan

“My Life On the Line” details O’Callaghan’s struggle to be himself in a world he felt wouldn’t accept him, and how it almost cost him his life. Ken Schultz called his memoir “an engaging, well-crafted, and ultimately heroic journey.”

WINNERS: Megan Rapinoe, Juniper Eastwood, Nathan Matthews and 7 out college football players

U.S. Women’s team co-captain Megan Rapinoe discussed her coming out, her spat with President Trump and her conservative parents.

Juniper Eastwood of Montana is the first out Division I transgender cross-country runner.

Nathan Matthews has thrived as a coach, player and student since coming out as gay. And he met his boyfriend on the team. He’s this week’s featured “Being Out” athlete.

Meet the the 7 gay or bi college football players who compete in various divisions and include a player who had a historic touchdown.

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