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Winner: Coach Russell Turner

Since the UC-Irvine basketball coach called a player ‘queen’ in the NCAA tournament, Russell Turner has educated himself and become a better person.

Loser: The Mystery Tweeter at WWL Radio

Seth Dunlap is a gay man who hosts a weeknight talk show at a radio station in New Orleans that called him “a fag” in a tweet. While WWL Radio investigates who did this, Dunlap has taken a leave of absence.

Winners: Moms to be Meghan Duggan and Gillian Apps

Olympic hockey players and married couple Meghan Duggan and Gillian Apps will welcome their first child in February 2020.

Loser: Former Overwatch League GM Susie Kim

Kim got some blowback during a Reddit AMA Monday when she offered up tired and tacitly homophobic criticisms of her former employer’s decision to hold a LGBTQ Pride Day.

Winner: JayCee Cooper

U.S. soccer stars Megan Rapinoe and Lori Lindsey, and noted fitness blogger Jen Sinkler are among those showing support for the Minnesota trans woman’s quest to compete as a powerlifter.

Losers: UVA fans chanting “not gay” during school fight song

The chant of “not gay” after the word “gay” in University of Virginia’s “The Good Old Song,” hasn’t gone away despite the effort of the university and its alumni.

Winners: Caster Semenya and her new teammates

Olympian track champion Caster Semenya has started training with a soccer club in South Africa.

Loser: Noël Le Graët, head of the French Football Federation

The head of the French Football Federation thinks that FIFA’s rule allowing referees to stop matches for homophobic chants is excessive. He’s telling refs not to stop matches over anti-gay chants.

Winners: Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird, Kelley O’Hara and Amanda Nunes

These out sports stars are showcased in the latest issues of mainstream magazines: Rapinoe and Bird get stylish and personal in InStyle magazine’s “Beauty Issue,” and this year’s edition of ESPN Magazine’s “Body Issue” — the final one in print — features Nunes and O’Hara.

Losers: Homophobes who harassed boxer Anthony Ogogo

When retired middleweight Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo of England officiated his sister’s same-sex wedding, he was surprised by the homophobic blowback.

Winners: Kansas City Royals and their LGBTQ fans

The efforts of Kansas City’s LGBTQ fanbase paid off as the Royals’ first-ever Pride Night was a smashing success.

Loser: Cubs co-owner whose personal politics complicates team support from LGBTQ fans

Todd Ricketts’s position in the Trump Victory Committee hung over what our Ken Schultz enjoyed as an otherwise perfect day of pride at Wrigley Field.

Winners: Coleman J. Lee and Garrett D. Case

They’re gay, married and coach volleyball together on the same college team.

Loser: Gay Games, and potentially, Hong Kong

The Federation of Gay Games is so worried over protests that have disrupted Hong Kong, they’re considering removing it as the host the 2022 Gay Games.

Winner: Gay college sailor John DeRuff

John DeRuff found that coming out to his college teammates was the easy part. His parents were another story.

Winner: Dennis Rodman

When it comes to LGBTQ participation in professional sports, Dennis Rodman gets it. For real.

Winner: Call It Out 19

The 3rd annual summit on LGBTQ inclusion in soccer pondered queerphobia and its possible cures.

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