Gus Kenworthy makes his post-skiing career move official when he appears in American Horror Story: 1984 tonight on FX. Kenworthy plays straight fitness dude and heartthrob Chet Clancy in the thriller series.

Kenworthy first talked about his post-skiing goal of professional acting a few years ago in an interview with yours truly:

“I like acting. It’s what I want to try to get into after skiing. I’ve done a lot of interviews and stuff on TV [earlier this year he appeared on celebrity Family Feud] so I’m not really nervous in front of the camera.”

To be sure, there have been doubters of Kenworthy’s big-time small-screen role. There always are. He addressed that in an op-ed he wrote for ESPN:

There were a lot of people saying, “Gus has no credits, no experience. How did he get this role?” Some people wanted to know how I was cast as a straight man or if I could play straight. Is that even a question? I spent the first 23 years of my life playing a straight man.

Given the time and dedication it takes to be an Olympic athlete, we’re pretty sure he knows the commitment it takes to succeed in his next profession.

Producer Ryan Murphy has a history of giving LGBTQ people an opportunity to showcase their talents in his various TV series, so it’s no surprise he would take a leap with Kenworthy. Given Murphy’s dedication to excellence, we are anticipating big things from the rookie.

You can find American Horror Story: 1984 on FX, Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.