Whenever a story hits the Internet that Margaret Court has again somehow found a way to take over the the news cycle with another hateful “revelation” about the LGBTQ community, most of us probably have the same reaction:

“You cannot be serious!”

Which makes it all the more appropriate that one of Court’s biggest critics in the sports world is none other than John McEnroe. As one of the loudest athlete allies for the LGBTQ community, McEnroe has once more taken aim at Court and her views as part of his “Commissioner of Tennis” video series for Eurosport.

Inspired by Tennis Australia’s controversial decision to simultaneously honor the 50th anniversary of Court’s 1970 Grand Slam while decrying her anti-LGBTQ remarks, McEnroe pulls no punches.

He begins his analysis by breaking down the issue into its simplest terms. “Tennis Australia is facing a dilemma: What do they do with their crazy Aunt?”

That is the perfect image to sum up Court’s rantings and ramblings. In a better world, perhaps this would inspire Tennis Australia to change the name of its Australian Open venue to Crazy Aunt Court.

McEnroe also didn’t hold back when expressing his disgust about Court’s use of religion as a crutch for her views. “Margaret Court is actually a ventriloquist,” he said. “Using The Bible as a dummy to say whatever she wants.”

In the latter half of the segment, McEnroe addresses what Tennis Australia brought upon itself:

“They finally decided to invite her but it came with a twist. ’We will recognize what she did in 1970 but we won’t celebrate the person.’

“Huh?! Well, it doesn’t work that way! You can’t separate the person from her achievements! Look at me. If you recognize the fact that I won seven Grand Slams, guess what? Then you gotta celebrate the fact that I had the loudest mouth in the history of the tennis tour!”

This is one instance where he’s putting that mouth to good use. It’s also the latest act in McEnroe’s allyship with the LGBTQ community. Previously, the seven-time Grand Slam champ had recorded a 2017 video rebutting Court’s homophobic statement that “tennis is full of lesbians” by repeatedly asking, “Who gives a fuck?” Three years later, Court still has yet to provide a satisfactory answer.

John McEnroe: still more rational than anything Margaret Court has said in the past five decades.

To balance his criticism, McEnroe also lauded Tennis Australia for installing gender neutral bathrooms at its Melbourne arena and overseeing “the biggest LGBTIQ tennis tournament in the world,” noting that “Organizers call it the Glam Slam. Margaret would probably call it Hell on Earth.”

Either way, it’s fine with us.

Finally, the video ended with McEnroe making a plea to one of his legendary colleagues: “Serena, do me a favor. Get two more Grand Slams this year and get to 25 [singles titles, passing Court’s career total] so we can leave Margaret Court and her offensive views in the past where they both belong.”

That’s a sentiment that even John McEnroe and an umpire can agree on.