College campuses are oftentimes bastions of tolerance. But some schools stand above the rest, including multiple sports powerhouses with big fraternity rows.

It is an encouraging sign of our changing times.

Campus Pride recently released its annual list of the 40 most LGBTQ-friendly colleges and universities in the U.S., dispersing the choices among six regions. In order to qualify, Campus Pride says an institution must score the highest percentages in LGBTQ-friendly benchmarks for policies, programs and campus practices.

The Campus Pride Index comprises more than 395 schools.

At Outsports, we profile courageous out college athletes every week, and many of them share stories of experiencing widespread support. They come from conservative institutions such as Brigham Young University and elite liberal enclaves such as Harvard University.

Regardless, they find community.

As a sportswriter, it is heartening to see Campus Pride’s annual list filled with powerhouse sports schools, which celebrate Big 10 football and Pledge Week. Nowadays, they also celebrate LGBTQ inclusion.

Ohio State University, Penn State University, the University of Michigan and University of Kentucky all made the list. An array of schools from power conferences, including Indiana University and Texas Tech, also made the cut.

The full list is below. Check out Campus Pride for the comprehensive breakdown:

Mid-Atlantic Region:

Ithaca College

Rutgers Univeristy

University of Maryland

Lehigh Univeristy

Montclair State University

The Pennsylvania State University

University of Pennsylvania

Princeton University

Midwest Region:

Kansas State University

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Indiana University, Bloomington

University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire

University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee

University of Wisconsin — Green Bay

The Ohio State University

Kenyon College

Kent State University

Augsburg College

Macalester College

Purdue University

University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

Purdue University is one of four Big 10 schools to make Campus Pride’s list of most LGBTQ-friendly schools.

New England Region:

Tufts University

University of Massachusetts Amherst

University of Vermont


Southeast Region:

Guilford College

Northern Kentucky University

Elon University

University of Kentucky

University of Louisville

The University of Kentucky has a tradition of basketball and LGBTQ acceptance.

Southwest Region:

University of Texas at Dallas

Texas Tech University

West Region:

University of Washington

University of Oregon

Portland State University

University of Colorado at Boulder

Southern Oregon University

San Diego State University

Washington State University

Harvey Mudd College

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