Here’s this week’s list of winners and losers, and in keeping with the theme of Halloween, the winners will get candy and the losers get a big ol’ BOO!

CANDY! Danell Leyva’s coming-out message says all you need to know about the pain of sports stereotypes

Leyva won three Olympic medals for Team USA. His coming out is a story of courage, and a lesson for all of us.

BOO! 26 Seconds isn’t going to cut it

Sonny Kiss’ surprise entrance and quick exit in AEW’s World Championship contenders tournament presents underlying effects within traditional pro wrestling storytelling.

CANDY! Dan Palmer, former pro rugby player, comes out as gay in tear-jerker op-ed

Dan Palmer played rugby in Australia and France before coming out and leaving the pitch.

CANDY: It was worth the wait

For the first time in our friend Blake Harris’s life, the Dodgers are champions

BOO! Why the hell did MLB allow Justin Turner to celebrate with the Dodgers after being Covid positive?

The World Series ended with a mess.

CANDY! Instagram post shows Megan Rapinoe proposing to Sue Bird

If this can happen, maybe the rest of 2020 won’t suck so bad afterall. Still… there are questions about their timing.

CANDY! Gay swimmer, bisexual lacrosse player among NCAA athletes sharing their inclusion stories

NCAA My Story Matters campaign include LGBTQ athletes who are out on their teams.

CANDY! This gay college basketball coach fell in love with her best friend, and now wants the world to know

Kelly McNiff originally bonded with her wife over basketball. Their relationship eventually grew to include everything else.

CANDY! After making history, out former MMA fighter Sharice Davids expected to cruise to reelection in Kansas

In an upset, Davids was elected to Congress in 2018. She’s projected to win reelection handedly this time around.

CANDY! Andre Arsenault sets the tone as a teacher and a coach

Arsenault says his coming out as a college volleyball player made him ready to help the next generation move forward.

CANDY! Out wrestler Jared Evans is excited to show the ‘magic’ of Paris Is Bumping

Evans will take part in the pro wrestling and ballroom crossover event on Thursday night.

MORE CANDY! Paris Is Bumping is pro wrestling realness

Billy Dixon’s mixture of pro wrestling and ballroom puts the entire industry on notice.

CANDY! Brian Sims on why LGBTQ people thrive in politics: ‘We have empathy’

Sims, who is the first openly gay legislator to be elected in Pennsylvania, says the best public policy is grounded in empathy.

A BOO! THEN. CANDY! Pro soccer referee comes out after gay slur used during championship match

Tom Harald Hagen is a FIFA referee. He says it’s time to get gay slurs out of the sport.

CANDY! Callan Chythlook-Sifsof came out at the Sochi Olympics and dated a competitor

The snowboarder was the first Indigenous Alaskan to compete in the Olympics for Team USA.

CANDY! For The Runway, self-expression defines pro wrestling’s freedom

The Fashionista Calvin Couture and Trophy Boy Tyler Klein see pro wrestling as a medium for all to be ‘whoever you want to be.’

CANDY! Bi NFL free agent Ryan Russell has a message to teams that say they’re pro-LGBT: ‘Call me’

Ryan Russell

Russell says NFL teams are running out of excuses to not sign an openly gay or bisexual player.

CANDY! Fordham WBB star took a detour away from WNBA to transition and to fight crime

After graduating from Fordham, Bryson Cavanaugh is now pursuing a career in law enforcement. He publicly came out this month as transgender.

Celebrating LGBTQ sports history with Jim, Cyd and LZ

LZ Granderson interviewed co-founders Jim Buzinski and Cyd Zeigler about their 21 years telling stories at a virtual convention of queer journalists, where they were inducted into the LGBTQ Journalists Hall of Fame.

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