This week’s list of winners and losers is set to the theme of the brief but… well, let’s stick with brief but very cis-het marriage of Dennis Rodman to singer, model and actress Carmen Electra. She eloped with the famously gender fluid and sexually non-conforming Chicago Bulls star 22 years ago today. They wed in Las Vegas… and divorced six months later. That was just one of three marriages (and three divorces) for Rodman, who never missed an opportunity to bend gender roles with his androgynous attire. Stunts though they may be, Rodman sparked conversations about the dividing lines of masculine and feminine fashion.

Dennis Rodman signs his autobiography August 21, 1996 in New York City. Rodman arrived in a horse-drawn carriage dressed in a wedding gown to launch his new book called “Bad as I Wanna Be.”

So for this week, winners Walk On The Wild Side and losers are Bad As I Wanna Be, which just happen to be the titles of two of the seven books the Worm has written.

Speaking of Las Vegas…

Walk On The Wild Side: Sin City Classic bringing 3,000 LGBTQ athletes to Las Vegas this January

The annual LGBTQ sporting event will be smaller and leaner, and organizers are prepared for all of it.

Bad As I Wanna Be: ‘I’m doing what Jesus would want:’ Christian school headmaster expelled gay athlete for his ‘lifestyle’

Devin Bryant joined protesters outside Covenant Christian Academy in Colleyville, Texas.

Covenant Christian Academy in Texas kicked out track athlete Devin Bryant, just days before starting his senior year, because he’s gay.

Walk On The Wild Side: Trans Awareness Week 2020 — Be aware that we want to play and we want to live

Karleigh Webb writes, “Sports is a front in the fight for trans rights.”

Bad As I Wanna Be: Soccer chief Greg Clarke steps down after comments deemed racist, sexist and homophobic

Our Cyd Zeigler notes that in just one interview, FA’s Greg Clarke somehow managed to hit the triple crown of offensive language.

Walk On The Wild Side: College volleyball player finds his Christian faith strengthen after coming out

Unique Smith

Unique Smith found a home and support on his college volleyball team by being himself. Another inspiring coming out story edited by co-founder Jim Buzinski.

Walk On The Wild Side: Male athletes are widely accepting of gay teammates, says new in-depth study

Three researchers studied coming-out stories on Outsports. They found a men’s sports world supportive of out gay athletes.

Walk On The Wild Side: Collin Martin says there’s never been a better time for athletes to come out

Minnesota United FC midfielder Collin Martin (17) runs with the ball during the Minnesota United FC versus the Montreal Impact game on July 06, 2019, at Stade Saputo in Montreal, QC.

The gay soccer pro says he doesn’t know what’s holding closeted athletes back.

Walk On The Wild Side: 40 years on, videogames icon Rebecca Heineman found herself beyond her ‘escape’

Our Brian Bell penned this moving profile of Heineman, who became the first national gaming champion in 1980, but didn’t truly begin the process of finding self-worth until recognizing she was transgender in the 2000s.

Walk On The Wild Side: Gay former NFL player Martin Jenkins confirmed to California Supreme Court

Martin Jenkins

Jenkins had a brief stint with the Seattle Seahawks before a career in law. He is now opening up about being gay.

Walk On The Wild Side: Soccer pro is entering GOAT territory playing alongside her girlfriend

Our Shelby Weldon wrote about Arsenal striker Vivianne Miedema, who added to her laurels Monday after being voted WSL’s player of the month.

Walk On The Wild Side: Transgender teen fought for his right to play, and won

Bobby Jones

Backed by his team and his parents, trans teen Bobby Jones pushed to change the policy of his hometown league in Washington state.

Walk On The Wide Side: Happy 21st birthday, Outsports!

On Tuesday, 21 years after the first Outsports post, readers saluted co-founders Jim Buzinski and Cyd Zeigler for their work telling the stories of LGBTQ athletes, coaches and sports professionals.

Walk On The Wild Side: What does Outsports mean to me? It’s all about community

Deputy managing editor Alex Reimer writes: “I came to Outsports looking for a job. I’ve gained an invaluable support group.”

Walk On The Wild Side: Paralympian Ness Murby comes out publicly as trans

Ness Murby

Ness Murby competes in discus for Canada. He wants to further the conversation about disability in the trans community. He came out on the Outsports podcast, Five Rings To Rule Them All with our Cyd Zeiger.

Walk On The Wild Side: Gay journalist made a movie about his life-changing decision to join world’s 1st gay rugby club

Eammon Atkinson says joining a gay-inclusive rugby club was the best thing he ever did, and now he’s telling the world about it.

Walk On The Wild Side: Out In The Ring documentary connects LGBTQ pro wrestling’s present with its history

‘People in the know about wrestling know about this movement, these people and these stories. But what they don’t know is the history that goes back to the 1940s.’

Walk On The Wild Side: Simone Biles’ passionate defense of LGBTQ people shows what being an ally is all about

Biles unapologetically stood with LGBTQ people after a conservative group had attacked her Uber Eats ad.

Walk On The Wild Side: JVN encourages the sports world to accept him for who he is

TV Personality Jonathan Van Ness arrives at the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on March 28, 2019.

Over the past couple of years, Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has crossed over with the sports world to spectacular results.

Walk On The Wild Side: Megan Rapinoe’s ‘One Life’ is a breakaway goal

Our Ken Schultz writes in his review: “You’d expect Megan Rapinoe’s autobiography to be a compelling story filled with unapologetic opinions. But it’s also inspiring, empathetic, and entertaining as hell to boot.”

Walk On The Wild Side: Megan Rapinoe and Natasha Cloud hope to celebrate in Joe Biden’s White House

After not visiting The White House following 2019 championships, Rapinoe and Cloud ask President-elect Biden for a do over.

Walk On The Wild Side: 5 ways the election of Joe Biden could impact LGBTQ sports

In his first speech as president-elect, Joe Biden talked about gay and transgender Americans.

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