Tom Daley, like so many other gay athletes, has had a huge impact on countless people simply by coming out and being his true self for all the world to see. His Oscar-winning husband and adorable baby boy haven’t hurt, either.

One of the people who’s particularly gravitated toward Daley and his journey has been Outsports contributor Ken Schultz. The writer and comedian come out around the same time as Daley and found strength in his story. As we say, courage is contagious.

Schultz joins us on the latest episode of the Five Rings To Rule Them All podcast to talk about their parallel journeys that have led them both through early self-identifications as bisexual, then gay.

Schultz also shares his adoration for Daley’s bright, shiny personality, which comes through in so much of what he does on social media. He talks about Daley’s love for his family that comes out so strong across social media, as well as his favorite Daley YouTube video, which includes some body paint.

Of course we discuss Daley’s two Olympic medals, as well as the disappointment of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, again Daley’s humanity shining through.

But it really goes back to that initial coming-out video Daley made after the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, in which his vulnerability showed. His willingness to put himself out there publicly, despite not having all the answers, remains a powerful moment for Schultz and, frankly, our community.

What amplifies his courage is that speculation about him being gay had followed him for years, not because people had any clue about it, but because he was a cute diver. That he was willing to step out into the light and share his truth when he did… inspirational.

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