Tuesday night, Equality Coaching Alliance and GO! Athletes teamed up with Outsports to present a one-hour holiday hangout designed to help LGBTQ athletes, coaches, administrators, executives and members of the media meet one another and make new connections.

The hangout took place on Zoom and was a bit different from the other events and webinars we’ve been a part of over the last eight months.

The hour featured small breakouts of people you’ve either never met before or can get to know better. Ice breakers and topics started the festive conversations.

At this time, GO! and ECA are specifically looking for people who are currently — or recently — engaged in high school, college or professional sports as an athlete, coach, trainer, administrator, executive or member of the media.

If you’re an LGBTQ person in sports looking to connect with others in the community, head over to GO! SPACE to meet and interact with other LGBTQ athletes, or to Equality Coaching Alliance to find other coaches, administrators and other non-athletes in sports.