A new podcast about a gay teenage athlete finding his way out of the closet may be just the thing you need to distract you from current events.

Cupid’s Arrow, written and produced by Eddy Gaspard, shares the journey of 16-year-old Bruce O’Dea, a high school junior in the San Francisco Bay Area. A natural tennis talent, Bruce has gravitated toward water polo where he isn’t the star he is on the tennis court, but where he has shown some talent.

It’s on the water polo team that he meets Nick, who encourages Bruce to improve his game. As the two get closer, they navigate uncharted territory with one another and around their friends. All the while, Bruce is being pulled between his father’s devotion to the Christian Science Church, and his own newfound friends at the local LGBT center.

The series — a semi-autobiographical look at Gaspard’s life in high school — features a full cast and sound effects to set the place.

Each episode is about 20 minutes, and so far there are four installments.

Check out Cupid’s Arrow on Spotify or Apple podcasts.

Producer: Eddy Gaspard
Writer: Eddy Gaspard
Cast: Aaron Chrenen, Jake Clements, Kareem Ferguson, Emily Torres, Mckenzie Trent, Tami Alfasi, Susannah Kim, Grant Grieschaber, Victor Torres, Chase Clements, and Joshua Myers