Amanda Chidester and Anissa Urtez are in love. The two women have been dating for a couple of years, and recently Chidester popped the question to Urtez on a trip out West.

Yet the two are also rivals, playing softball for two different national teams — Chidester for the United States and Urtez for Mexico — and both headed for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo next year. They will play against each other in the opening round of the softball tournament at the Tokyo Olympics on July 23.

On the latest episode of the Five Rings To Rule Them All podcast, they talk about this dynamic — rivals in love — and how they have been using the pandemic to push one another to be the best athlete they can be.

“We’ve had a bunch of conversations about it,” Chidester said. “Whoever medals, we’re going to be happy for each other no matter what. No matter what.”

Urtez agreed with the sentiment of mutual support, though she made no question that when it comes to the actual competition, she plays for Mexico and Chidester plays on the other side of the plate.

“We don’t know each other when we’re on the field,” she said. “It’s game on.”

They also share all of the details of their engagement, as well as why it’s so important to them personally to be out and proud, particularly on social media and the media. Being an inspiration to other LGBTQ athletes, and demonstrating how much love and support they can receive, means a lot to them both.

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