Welcome back to the 2020 QWI 100 chronicling the top 100 LGBTQ pro wrestlers of the year. Make sure to check out Outsports’ first day of coverage for an introduction to the list and the first 20 honorees.

21. Coco Mousse

Mousse is barely into their pro wrestling career yet is already starting to leave a mark in the New York area. “The Dragazon’s” path of destruction came to a halt due to the pandemic, but she is simply biding her time and making YouTube videos until she can return to the ring.

22. Da Shade

Da Shade kept his championship collection as thicc as his peach in 2020. Wrestling throughout Las Vegas, Nevada and Arizona mainly, Shade ends the year with both the Versus Level Up and Party Hard Tag Team titles firmly around his waist.

23. Dame

He may claim to be “Ya Dame,” but he’s really everyone’s Dame. The reigning Atomic Championship Wrestling champion successfully defended his title while lending his voice to debunking bisexual stereotypes and the call for trans rights.

24. Dani Jordyn

Pro Wrestling’s mean girl carried her burn book to multiple promotions throughout the southeast and east coast, most notably ACTION Wrestling and Butch vs. Gore. Jordyn’s made a mark on AEW Dark as well. But 2020 was also special because Jordyn revealed to the world that she puts the B in LGBTQ.

25. Dark Sheik

As the founder of Hoodslam, Dark Sheik continuously pushes pro wrestling to the cutting edge before all others. That desire for individual expression carries through both in and out of the ring for her. She’s been one of the most vocal figures within trans wrestling circles and stole the show at EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch alongside Still Life with Apricots & Pears. The west coast has something to say, and Dark Sheik aims to say it loud.

26. Dave Marshall

Marshall is one of Australian pro wrestling’s most prominent LGBTQ voices, competing regularly for Western Pro Wrestling and Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance. But Marshall is probably best known for his OnlyFans account where he raises money for LGBTQ suicide prevention through homemade pornography, but he also branched out into Twitch streaming. His Twitch channel has drawn the eye of Aussie Pride.

27. Dave Turner

Whether you know him as the “Black Sheep” or “Sexy Sheep”, the Pacific Northwest knows Dave Turner as a stalwart in the region’s wrestling scene. Turner regularly competed for multiple promotions in the region and secured a spot in the Greatest Black Label Pro Rumble match. He is also part of the leadership behind Without A Cause wrestling, which recently began producing new content that saw him debut a new tag team, The Bash Bros, with fellow WAC partner Chris Ross.

28. Devon Monroe

The man known throughout the land as “Black Sexellence” can only describe his 2020 as breakout. 2019 put him on the lips of many, but 2020 saw him capitalize on that profile with victories at EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch and Black Wrestlers Matter. Monroe also branched out, appearing for deathmatch promotion No Peace Underground against Keita Murray and participating in racial equity protests in his native Minneapolis.

29. Diamante

Diamante made the most of her 2020. The year opened up with her in line for a shot at the Battle Club Pro Icons championship, but she quickly caught AEW’s eye. She teamed up with Ivelisse after defeating her in singles competition to compete in the first AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup. The duo defeated Allie and Brandi Rhodes to win the tournament.

30. Dillon McQueen

Whether doling out punishment in the ring or advising his clients from ringside, “The Gaytriarch” always seems to come out on top. Still in his rookie year, McQueen is making a name for himself throughout the southeast and Ohio Valley. He and fellow Pettyweight Kenzie Paige made history in New South Wrestling, becoming the first out gay and female wrestlers respectively to hold the NSW Tag Team championship.

31. DJ Summers

Summers is far more than just a primo Instagram follow. “The Mighty Morphin’ Power Bottom” kept his profile on the rise in a pandemic-shortened year by holding onto his Wrestle League Proven championship and keeping himself ready for far more. He, like many others, has made representation a goal.

32. Don’t Die Miles

A spider no more, Miles dropped his comic book surname and came out as pansexual within a month of each other. And he lives up to his name, implementing a high-risk, high-flying style that wows audiences and inspires chants of cautious name. Keep an eye on Paradigm Pro Wrestling and other Ohio Valley promotions for more from this rising star.

33. Eddy McQueen

In a year where so many got their flowers, McQueen was overdue. Already a name in New York, McQueen increased his profile through appearances with Uncanny Attractions and Paris Is Bumping, including an immensely entertaining rooftop bar battle with Billy Dixon and The Bundertaker.

34. EFFY

EFFY’s resume speaks for itself. He racked up championship defenses, including the 51st State, Fest Wrestling and Freelance Legacy titles, His Twitch channel blew up thanks to his weekly independent wrestling showcase Monday Not Raw. But his greatest accomplishment was producing EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch, providing a national stage to many LGBTQ wrestlers and talent at The Collective.

35. Estrella Divina

After making history as one of the few trans luchadora to compete in major Mexican lucha libre promotions, Divina kept the topes coming in 2020. Divina parlayed a three-year run in AAA into appearances across Mexico for various independent promotions.

36. Fred Rosser

“Mr. No Days Off” kept his “Block The Hate” message going strong despite a lighter in-ring schedule in 2020. When he did step into the ring, though, he did so for New Japan Pro Wrestling, fulfilling a lifelong goal. The former WWE Tag Team champion has regularly appeared on NJPW’s Strong program since October.

37. Gato Rojo

Canada’s top cat wrestler popped up in multiple promotions across the country before the pandemic and injury put him on the sidelines. But he’s kept busy making sure his home promotion, Toronto-based Demand Lucha, stays on people’s tongues and crafting wrestling gear and masks for himself and others. We’re sure there was plenty of meowing involved.

38. Great Bambina

Best known for appearances at her home promotion Hoodslam, Bambina took her bat and bad attitude to promotions throughout the west coast in 2020. She debuted for 5CC and SOS Pro Wrestling in recent months, including claiming the 5CC Scornucopia crown. “The Base Hit Bitch” is also set to relaunch her Twitch cooking show, Batter Up, very soon.

39. The Insidious One

Wrestlers come hardly any more intimidating than The Insidious One. The first woman to join Reality of Wrestling’s Legion stable has left a mysterious mark on the greater Texas wrestling scene. Houston-based ROW remains home, but she also made appearances with Mission Pro Wrestling and World Class Wrestling Association.

40. Jai Vidal

Whether on his own or alongside tag team partner Parada, Jai Vidal can’t help but make a name for himself every time he steps in the ring. Vidal stepped into the ring in multiple promotions in Las Vegas and the greater southwest, but is best known for his appearances with Future Stars of Wrestling.

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