Ji Wallace has been on quite a ride. The Australian Olympian, who competed in front of his home crowd in the very first Olympic trampoline competition, has been a key figure in elevating his sports’ worldwide profile, come out publicly to much fanfare, been a magazine coverboy, a Cirque performer, HIV advocate, and now he hopes to help bring the Summer Olympic Games back to Australia.

In the latest episode of the Five Rings To Rule Them All podcast, Wallace takes a stroll down memory lane with me, harkening back to those 2000 Olympic Games that elevated him to national-hero status. He talks about the half hour or so he had to wait, after he had completed his competition, to find out if he had won an Olympic medal, and what color that medal might be.

He also talks about his decision to come out publicly both as a gay man, and then later as having HIV. Plus he opens up about the devastating injury that ended his high-flying career and started his life as a coach.

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