The Philadelphia 76ers held their 2020 Pride Night last Thursday night and celebrated with a big overtime win over the Brooklyn Nets.

On hand were members of the local LGBTQ community, including state legislator Brian Sims, as well as former NBA player Jason Collins. Eagles cheerleader Kyle Tanguay was there too, along with so many others.

Yet it was this photo, sent to us by the 76ers, that caught my eye. Two kids nonchalantly signing the Pride Night banner, one wearing a hat that says “City of Brotherly Love.”

This image gives me so much hope for the future.

Two young 76ers fans share their support on the team’s Pride Night rainbow banner.

Who else gives me hope? How about Tanguay, who’s currently planning his trip to Hollywood for American Idol.

“We have a lot of people that are of the LGBTQ community who follow sports,” said Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Kyle Tanguay. “And I think it’s important that we allow them to feel accepted and feel like they’re welcome in an environment they may not always feel a part of.”

The acknowledgement of Pride Night wasn’t exclusive to the LGBTQ community…

“We are very very proud to be a part of Pride Night,” 76ers head coach Brett Brown said. “And sport in general provides for an amazing backdrop, a platform, an environment, for people of all backgrounds.”

All the way around, we heard lots of positive things about 76ers Pride Night, and we’re looking forward to bringing Outsports Pride to Philly this June! Stay tuned for details.

You can watch Jason Collins ring the bell ahead of the 76ers Pride Night here:

You can check out photos from the Philadelphia 76ers Pride Night here:

And watch the 76ers mascot, Franklin, make a truly shocking backward half-court shot for Pride Night: