Countless coaches and athletes — including many out LGBTQ sailors, swimmers, divers, runners and more — have had their seasons cut short or canceled all together due to the coronavirus and COVID-19.

Some, sadly, have also seen their NCAA careers ended abruptly, as they are seniors hoping to graduate later this spring. While the NCAA has announced that spring-sport athletes will retain another year of eligibility, most of them are ready to graduate and move on.

Here are some of those athletes who find themselves suddenly and unexpectedly without college sports in their future.

Emma Gee, the only publicly out LGBTQ athlete at BYU, had dedicated her final season to the LGBTQ+ community with an incredible must-read Instagram post:

Univ. of Texas diver Jake Cornish expressed pride and thanks for his time on the Longhorns swimming and diving team:

Berea College tennis players and twins Michael and Chris Malpartida said they’ve shed tears over it:

Univ. of New Mexico decathlete Ryan Chase regrets he won’t be flying through the air anymore:

Volleyball player Alex Collins expressed mixed emotions, first posting that he was upset by the possibility then sharing the love:

There are various other out seniors competing in winter and springs sports who have likely competed for the last time, including Nathaniel Hernandez, Kennedy Lohman, Lisa Coe and Caroline Mattise.

If your NCAA career ended early due to coronavirus, leave a message below so we can recognize you and your accomplishments.