The next time we see Tom Brady play football, it won’t be in a New England Patriots uniform.

On Tuesday, the quarterback and the NFL confirmed via Twitter what pretty much the entire planet had already concluded: the record-smashing free agent who had played for only one team for all 20 years of his career was officially job hunting.

Brady posted two tweets explaining his decision, to express his love and respect for his coach, teammates and the fans, and to say, “thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Brady shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a new team; if you combine regular and post-season play, Brady is first all-time in career passing yards and touchdown passes. He is one of only two players in NFL history to amass 70,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards.

He’s played in a record nine Super Bowls, winning six of them, the most of any player in NFL history. He has won a record four Super Bowl MVP awards as well as three NFL MVP awards.

And as beloved as he is across New England, Brady is reviled by some fans across the country. That said, what NFL team would turn him away?

There are reasons, of course: he’s 42 and will turn 43 in August. His stats in his last few seasons are not what they once were. And he won’t come cheap.

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Which teams will Brady reject out of hand? In addition to the 49ers, the Patriots and Giants are considered LGBTQ-friendly. As a supporter of President Trump, will that matter to him?

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