Stuck at home like the rest of us, LGBTQ athletes are getting creative with their workout routines. Former NFL defensive tackle Esero Tuaolo was kind enough to share his hardcore at-home chest regimen on social media for all to see.

Tuaolo, who played nine years in the NFL as a nose tackle before coming out in 2002, performed 50 benchpresses with his couch — and was visibly winded. Immediately afterwards, Tuaolo dropped to the floor and pumped out 10 push ups.

“Remember now, a couple of things,” Tuaolo said at the end of his video. “Make sure you warm up. Do a cardio walk, run, whatever you need to do — dance — to get your heart rate up and warm up your body. Two: make sure you’re safe. Make sure you have the right equipment to lift. And then three: just have fun with it. Have fun with it. Aloha. Love you guys.”

With responsible Americans staying at home and practicing social distancing to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, in-home workout equipment is suddenly in high demand. But as Tuaolo shows us, it’s possible to enjoy a good workout without the aid of free weights or pricey equipment.

Remember: exercise is famous for its mood-boosting abilities. In these times of angst, it’s important to fit in some physical activity. You might just have to be a little creative.