It’s time once again for Outsports to stop the clock for an instant reply of the week that was. It’s my way of memorializing the glorious victories, the ignominious defeats, and the players and personalities who made them, lived them or just couldn’t avoid them.

The coronavirus has put the world of sports, and all our lives, on hold, but there are still stories to be told, and we’re here to share them with you.

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Winners: Out pro wrestler Mike Parrow marries longtime partner Morgan Cole

Morgan Cole and Mike Parrow turn to the crowd at their wedding on Saturday.

What started with the ‘worst first date ever’ culminated in an expression of love that a hurting and panicked world can really use right now.

Loser: Sen. Kelly Loeffler, WNBA co-owner, reportedly sold millions of dollars worth of stock after coronavirus briefing

The Daily Beast reports Sen. Kelly Loeffler is one of four U.S. senators who got rid of their holdings before the stock market tanked.

Winners: 7 inspiring athlete coming out stories to read while you’re socially isolating

With many people practicing social distancing and staying at home, these stories of out people in sports will help inspire you.

Hopeful: Former CDC official Stephanie Zaza on sports closures and what the future holds

Stephanie Zaza was a public health official for 25 years. She shares insights into both the power and cost of social distancing.

Casualties: AIDS LifeCycle forced to cancel, an outpouring of love and support follows

Beautiful messages of support have poured in since organizers canceled the 2020 event due to coronavirus.

Winner: Gay former NFL veteran Esero Tuaolo shares video of hardcore quarantine home chest workout

Tuaolo and other LGBTQ athletes are showing us how to keep fit during this period of social isolation.

Hopeful: Billie Jean King encourages young athletes to ‘keep playing’ during coronavirus shutdown

In these times of despair, exercise and physical activity are more important than ever.

Winner: Billie Jean King’s support of USWNT recalls her own fight against sexism

The tennis legend who blazed a trail for women’s sports by winning the ‘Battle of the Sexes’ tweets out her endorsement of equal pay for the USWNT.

Loser: IMPACT Wrestling’s Trey Miguel apologizes for homophobic comments

The popular wrestler equated being unattractive to being gay in a heated social media exchange on Wednesday.

Hopeful: Miss March Madness? Love Cats? Hate Cancer? We got you

First round winner, Hampton

Cats vs. Cancer, a nonprofit organization co-founded by an Eagles fan and a Heat fan, raises money for cancer charities by tapping into the internet fixation on cats.

Winner: Gay pro basketball player comes out in Argentina, team embraces him

Despite hearing homophobic language, Sebastian Vega was totally embraced by his teammates when he came out.

Hopeful: Caster Semenya back on track to compete at Tokyo Olympics in 200m

The two-time 800m gold medalist announced a change in events that she hopes will allow her to compete again.

Winner: Jason Jaramillo: ‘I couldn’t imagine being a closeted coach’

An out college basketball assistant coach notes the best coaching comes from being your best self.

Loser: Homophobic Instagram post costs golfer Scott Piercy multiple major sponsors

Titleist/FootJoy, J.Lindeberg and Segra ended relationships with the PGA Tour veteran over posts that PGA Tour commisioner Jay Monahan described as a ‘significant disappointment’

Winner: Out golfer John Brooks explains why he loves a sport that’s been so cruel to him

There is a strained relationship between Brooks’ sexuality and the sport he loves.

Winners: How Boston’s LGBTQ flag football league is working to make youth sports more inclusive

FLAG Flag Football, one of Boston’s largest gay sports leagues, presents an annual scholarship to student-athletes who are working to make sports more inclusive for LGBTQ youth.

Winner: Trans British endurance driver Charlie Martin is back in the saddle at the iconic Nürburgring

Martin will race in the 24-hour event this fall.

Winner: This lesbian must own an NBA record for speed

Lisa Feigenbaum is one of at least 7 out LGBTQ employees with the Sacramento Kings, possibly the most in men’s pro sports.

These next stories aren’t about winning or losing, but they’re worth a look!

Perspective from Patriots Nation: Tom Brady’s exit is stark reminder that pro football is a business

It is impossible to imagine someone else besides Tom Brady playing quarterback for the Patriots, even if it makes all of the sense in the world.

Outsports readers sound-off about Tom Brady’s decision to leave the Patriots

The NFL announced Tuesday that quarterback Tom Brady has decided to play for a team other than New England for the first time in his career.

13 interesting (?) things about contributing writer Ken Schultz

Ken Schultz and his favorite moment in sports. Ever.

As part of the “get to know us better” series, Outsports asked Ken to write about his favorite subject: himself.

Get to know managing editor Dawn Ennis: ‘Always last to be picked’

We figured this would be a good time to help you get to know the Outsports staff better. First up: (me) Dawn Ennis.

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