Life as we know it has changed. And we do not know for how long. The disease COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus that causes it has not only stripped the world of most all sports competitions, it has put our planet on hold, waiting for… we do not really know what, but based on what has already happened in China, South Korea, Italy, Europe… it likely will be horrible.

The LGBTQ community here in the U.S., including us fans and athletes, are as much involved in this crisis as every other American. The same is true around the world. Every human being will be impacted by the pandemic, if not directly by infection, then by the response to it, which is a staggering thought.

The national emergency that started in March 2020 has resulted in uncertainty regarding the resumption of our lifeblood here at Outsports: the inclusive competitions that allow out athletes to play, to win, to lose and to live as their true selves. Our slogan has long been Courage Is Contagious. And in the stories we’ve told during this crisis, one thing is clear: courage is exactly what we need right now.