On day 243 of the coronavirus crisis — actually, we’re not that far deep, it just feels like it — Outsports asked our readers to reveal something very personal about themselves. For some, this is an artistic statement that is very much out in the open, and for others, it is a hidden treasure, shared only with a precious few.

We tweeted #ShowUsYourTattoos

And wow, we got a lot. In fact, they’re still coming in!

Some of the tattoos tweeted at us reflect our readers’ LGBTQ Pride, others show their love for sports, some have both. There were music-themed tattoos, dragons, and of course, because this is the internet, tattoos of cats.

Scroll down to see some of the best ones, beginning with out bisexual NFL free agent Ryan Russell, and find out how to show us yours by scrolling all the way to the end.

From a phoenix… to @phoenix_177, across the pond in Wales.

Here’s Josh Sanders, who you may remember from his work for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He’s now a diversity and inclusion consultant with some fanciful ink. “What an arm!”

A bunch of us got to chat with Alex Valvo of Buffalo, N.Y. on our inaugural Outsports Community Video Chat this week. Here he is flexing his muscle and showing us his tattoo.

This next one is from Anthony Nicodemo who is a longtime friend and supporter of Outsports, and a recent guest on The Sports Kiki podcast with Deputy Managing Editor Alex Reimer.

Here are two from Kirsti Miller, the out transgender rugby player in Australia:

If you’d like to share yours with us, you can add a link in the comments below, or post them on Facebook or Instagram, or tweet yours at us with the hashtag #OutsportsTattoos