March 31 is a day on the calendar that is marked by many transgender people around the world as a day of personal pride, presence and persistence. The International Transgender Day of Visibility, or TDoV, is certainly being celebrated in a different way this year due to the global emergency caused by the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

But even in quarantine and social distancing, this day will go on across social media and in the hearts and minds of trans people and allies, and that includes our transgender athletes.

TDoV was founded on March 31, 2009 by Rachel Crandall, a licensed psychotherapist specializing in trans issues. Its purpose is to recognize the accomplishments of trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people as well as to bring attention to their continued struggles.

Social media is already brimming with posts showing support from people, corporations and places all over the planet.

Trans Student Education Resources offers 10 ways everyone can mark this day, although the first one — attending events — isn’t possible because of COVID-19. Even so, we encourage trans athletes, fans and allies to share how you’re taking part in TDoV this year, through the comments section below or you can post something on Facebook or Instagram, tweet at us with the hashtag #OutsportsTDoV, or message us via any social media.

We invite you to send us your stories, photographs, memes, GIFs and videos. We’ll also be sharing some of our stories highlighting transgender athletes from our archives. And this TDoV is especially poignant for those living in Idaho and their supporters, who have vowed to fight on despite two new laws that put that state at the top of the list of transphobic, discriminatory state laws in the United States.

The gauntlet has also been laid down by U.S. Attorney General William Barr, whose Department of Justice recently took a stand against transgender student athletes.

As Outsports deputy manager and transgender ally Alex Reimer wrote in his latest piece about the first out trans hockey player, Harrison Browne, this year’s theme is “surviving, thriving,” which not only pays tribute to the major transgender achievements on the world stage over the last year — but also highlights the community’s persistence in the Trump era and increasing visibility across popular culture.

Join us, please, in celebrating this Transgender Day of Visibility.