We’ve invited transgender athletes and people in sports to share their stories for this year’s International Transgender Day of Visibility amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s high school senior Andraya Yearwood of Connecticut, one of two trans girl sprinters in Connecticut who have been targeted by anti-transgender forces in federal investigations and lawsuits, and now even by the U.S. Attorney General and the Department of Justice, William Barr.

My age is 18 years old, I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but raised in Texas, then in Connecticut, which is where I reside now. After high school, I plan on receiving a bachelor’s degree in Spanish through college, then go on to receive a master’s degree in interpretation and/or translation.

Andraya Yearwood

Given the cancellation of spring sports on account of the coronavirus in our senior year, I have felt nothing but longing for my sport and the happiness that it holds. I’m sure that this is true for many athletes, but sports allows me to feel free and it is a safe space for me. I always have so much fun with my teammates during both practice and the track meets. I remember having so much fun meeting new people at the meets and always dreading the 4×400 relay race. Even at practice, we would always make the most out of our workouts, blasting music or joking with the coaches. Everyone in my life in relation to sports has been more than supportive and caring towards me.

However, even though I am not able to see my team for quite some time, I know that we are all going through the same feelings and emotions, and that we will all overcome this together, in spirit.

Andraya Yearwood

In order to be visible on the Transgender Day of Visibility, I made sure that I uploaded some posts to further encourage the knowledge and the awareness of the transgender community. I will also do my own research about the lives of transgender individuals and learn more about their own experiences.

Andraya Yearwood

You can follow Andraya Yearwood on Twitter (@andrayayearwa) and on Instagram (@andrayayearwood).