Outsports Trivia Night returns! After a fun and successful round one last month, we hosted another trivia night Thursday night for an hour of fun and games.

This time eight contestants competed in two rounds of Kahoot, featuring questions about:

  • LGBTQ professional athletes
  • LGBTQ Olympians

They were all multiple choice or true/false, and yes, some questions were easy, and some required a little more head-scratching, or guessing. The focus as always was on having fun as a group. And no, we didn’t pick questions that are so obscure no one could know them. Surprisingly, there was only one question in each round that all the contestants answered correctly.

Cyd also welcomed a special guest, who was just happened to be the correct answer to a round two question: Olympic figure skater Randy Gardner joined us in Zoom to talk about a new documentary film that is set to premiere online for a Miami film festival.

And this time around, the winners of rounds one and two went head to head in a final “lightning round.”

The winner of round one, with questions about out LGBTQ athletes in major pro sports, was Sara Johnson, feature producer at ESPN and content chair at ESPN EQUAL, the sports network’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employee resource group, or ERG. She told us she’s working on a very special project about acceptance and inclusion for Pride.

The winner of round two, which featured questions about out LGBTQ Olympians, was Doug Litwin, a game show fan who used screen names like “Gene Rayburn,” “Wink Martindale” and “Peter Marshall,” aka Ralph Pierre LaCock! Doug is president of the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band, which in 2018 was named the city’s official band. Listen to them rehearse by clicking here.

Sara and Doug went head to head in the lightning round, with Doug openly worrying about going up against a producer at ESPN. But Sara confessed the Olympics are not her strong suit, and his correct answers to those questions catapulted Doug to victory!

Congratulations to Doug, and thank you to Sara and all our contestants, and of course we’re grateful to Randy Gardner, too, for taking time to chat with us. Check outsports.com every day for the announcement of the next round of Outsports Trivia Night, and until then, stay safe and stay healthy!