When Anthony Bowens and Michael Pavano decided to create a parody of the Netflix show Love Is Blind, it was simply for the couple to have some fun together and show off their comedic chops.

For the first two weeks, that’s pretty much all it was. Yet in mid-March, around the time stay-at-home orders surfaced in the United States, the video took off on YouTube. Now that first video has over 1.2 million views, they’ve added two more parodies, their YouTube channel has 122,000 followers, and they have more content in store.

If you haven’t seen it, Love Is Blind puts together two perfect strangers and aims them toward marriage, with mixed results.

Bowens said one of the women parodied even saw their parody of her episode and loved it.

“Giannina from the cast actually saw the third one of herself and enjoyed it which is a relief,” Bowens said. “We wanted to poke fun at the show itself and how the editors portrayed the cast as opposed to do things that are mean-spirited.”

Bowens gave a lot of credit for the success to Pavano and his impersonations in the parodies.

“Also hats off to Mike, because he’s extremely talented at impressions and owned everyone one of those characters,” Bowens said.

Bowens is a professional wrestler also know as the 5-Tool Player. He and Pavano have been dating for several years.

Bowens and Pavano recently released their latest parody project, this time focused on… wait for it… Britney Spears.

Be sure to check out the Love Is Blind parody of Jessica and Mark that started it all.