Outsports is without a doubt the most fun branch of the SB Nation family, and once again we’re thrilled to participate in a brand-wide, theme-week project! We collectively hope this will interest you, our readers, who usually visit our sites for, you know, sports. This week: It’s MCU meets Outsports! Your favorite out athletes, reimagined as Marvel superheroes!

Hey, I’m not gonna lie: we are praying just as you are that some version of “sports” is just around the corner, so we can get back to covering them, but let’s face facts: it isn’t like there’s some superhero around who’s going to just swoop in and ZAP the coronavirus into submission.

Or… is there?

Okay, I’ll try to get into the spirit:

So, as the lead agent of this rainbow S.H.I.E.L.D. of LGBTQ sports coverage, I called the members of my esteemed Outsports team… TO ASSEMBLE!

Well, I got five out of seven, which, frankly, is pretty good for a Monday.

Considering our most popular podcast, Level Playing Field, is on a brief hiatus to attend to, uh, other superhero business, together we decided to steal use his slot to share our super vision with you. We combined our mighty psychic powers, and divined which of our favorite LGBTQ sports heroes might fit the suits and capes of the MCU; No, not just the ones in the movies, but the comic books and Saturday morning cartoons as well.

So, brave citizens, listen closely as we transform before your very ears Megan Rapinoe, Rob Kearney, Mike Parrow, Ryan O’Callaghan, Joanna Lohman, John Amaechi, Fallon Fox, Nyla Rose, Tom Daley, Mack Beggs, Gus Kenworthy, Adam Rippon, Dr. Veronica Ivy, Matthew Mitcham and more, into MCU legends!

PLUS… could Catilyn Jenner be a Marvel super villain? Which one? Download and listen!

By the way, just like in any Marvel movie worth its $12 ticket, stick around until the very end. In other words, after we say, “goodbye,” stay tuned for a special, bonus conversation! It’s not really an “end credits scene,” because there aren’t any credits or scenes, since it’s a podcast, but well, we figure you’ll get the idea!

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