Like every baseball player and fan, pitcher Sean Doolittle of the Washington Nationals is waiting to learn whether we’ll hear “Play Ball!” this summer, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. But as he tweeted Tuesday, he’s also eager to learn whether he can head to the mound with the most outrageous baseball glove ever created.

It’s certainly not your grandfather’s glove. Unless your grandad was gay AF.

Doolittle tweeted photos of the creation by Wilson, which looks like what would happen if Major League Baseball sponsored a performance by The Grateful Dead at a Pride March.

In a response to a tweet by transgender journalist and Chicago Cubs fan Parker Molloy, Doolittle revealed that “Wilson has been experimenting with leather dyeing techniques and they designed this for me to test them out!” He added: “I’m so stoked with how it came out.”

“I hope I get to use it this year,” he tweeted.

Well, about that… Fans debated whether there was a chance that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred might allow such a thing to accompany anyone wearing a baseball uniform to the mound.

Still, it’s pretty sweet. Wilson even embroidered the glove with Doolittle’s name on it.

Sean Doolittle’s experimental Wilson glove.

Last November, Doolittle skipped the White House reception for the World Series-winning Nationals in support of his wife and her two moms. The year before, he denounced homophobic slurs and stood up as an LGBTQ ally.

Here’s hoping Doolittle gets his wish, and wouldn’t it be nice to see more Pride colors on display around America’s Favorite Pastime?

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