If you don’t know what Gritty is… join the club.

But pretty much everybody knows who Gritty is, and that is the googly-eyed, orange, furry mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers NHL team.

And apparently, his “ass looks great.” That’s according to the “Fab Five” Queer Eye guys, who are wrapping their fifth season on Netflix in Philadelphia.

There, they will face perhaps their greatest challenge: a makeover — or what they’re calling, a “make-better” — for the whatchamacallit on ice.

Oh, and it’s all thanks to the Philly Phanatic. Or so we are led to believe:

Their mission, as declared on Twitter, is to “try to bring him on a journey of self-care.”

Watch the clip of their “Gritty Make Better” from Queer Eye on Netflix below:

If you weren’t already aware, Gritty is also an ardent LGBTQ ally, who celebrated Pride last month by tweeting “Love always wins.”