Uncanny Attractions, one of more prominent LGBTQ-led pro wrestling promotions in the U.S., is bringing its unique presentation to an even larger audience after agreeing to a partnership with popular independent wrestling streaming platform IndependentWrestling.tv.

IWTV announced the deal in a blog post last week, calling Uncanny Attractions “One of the most unique and exciting promotions on the scene today.”

“Uncanny Attractions brings a unique and totally original style to IWTV subscribers that helps showcase some of independent wrestling’s best performers,” IWTV President Gerard Durling told Outsports. “We’re looking forward to working with Uncanny Attractions and maybe someday soon presenting them live on IWTV!”

Founded in 2018, Uncanny Attractions regularly features both pro wrestling and drag performances during its events. The company hangs its hat on diversity, making a point to feature LGBTQ wrestlers, women wrestlers and wrestlers of color. That commitment comes from the top as the company’s all-LGBTQ leadership (MV Young, Darnell Mitchell and Lynn Frailey) reflects its push for diversity in wrestling.

IWTV’s addition of Uncanny Attractions is the latest in a line of feature spots for LGBTQ pro wrestling on the platform. The streaming service housed the live broadcast of March’s Butch vs. Gore event and will host the forthcoming ballroom/wrestling event Paris Is Bumping in October.

“In wrestling, the LGBTQ community has always felt underserved and maybe even overlooked for too long. With brands like Uncanny Attractions challenging the status quo, there’s a growing fanbase starving for inclusivity. Its not just LGBTQ fans who like LGBTQ wrestlers, either. Wrestlers like Effy and Still Life with Apricots & Pears are great examples of that,” Durling said. “We’re proud to partner and support Uncanny Attractions, “Paris is Bumping” & other notable LGBTQ-centric events in their commitment to presenting diverse experiences within pro wrestling… We hope by working with Uncanny Attractions on IWTV, we can help bring more eyes to the LGBTQ wrestling community together.”

And it won’t be long before the drags and dropkicks quota is met following Uncanny Attractions’ debut of a double feature. The night began with an encore presentation of MV Young’s recent battle with Pinkie Sanchez over the ringlight championship (which we covered previously on the Outsports podcast LGBT In The Ring) followed immediately by Drags & Dropkicks: Vol. 2.