Pro wrestler EFFY’s mission to “make it gayer” never ended, but the event that embodies that mission, EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch, is back from postponement limbo. The event is back on as part of the revamped and rescheduled wrestling festival The Collective.

EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch was originally scheduled to bring its brand of unapologetically LGBTQ pro wrestling and atmosphere to The Collective during Wrestlemania weekend in Tampa, Fla. back in April. All Collective events were either postponed or canceled as restrictions and public safety concerns over the coronavirus pandemic rose. EFFY announced the show’s postponement shortly afterward.

The LGBTQ wrestling showcase will now be held on October 10 from the Marion County Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, IN. “Our community is strong. Wrestling is ours to own. Let’s show off LGBTQ+ talent and give them something to talk about,” EFFY tweeted.

Though the pandemic is still in full effect, a number of independent promotions, including The Collective’s organizers Game Changer Wrestling, began holding events again in the past two months. Those shows adopted new safety protocols (social distancing, mask requirements) and outdoor settings to cut the spread of Covid-19 but have still garnered some criticism over holding events and having fans in attendance at those shows.

GCW will honor tickets originally purchased for the Tampa events and additional tickets for EFFY’s BIg Gay Brunch and all Collective events go on sale September 4. The event will also air live on