Alongside countless others, we at Outsports have been celebrating Bi+ Awareness Week: a seven-day period culminating with Bi Visibility Day, devoted to highlighting bi+ identities and the issues they face.

Part of that battle against erasure, dismissal and fetishtization of bi+ identities is showcasing figures that bring those identities to the forefront, providing opportunities to educate others and help overcome those stigmas. And if there is one athletic field that allows for expression and staging, it is pro wrestling.

LGBTQ pro wrestlers continue to feel more comfort in embracing themselves and using their experiences and platform to soothe away the sense of otherness the pro wrestling fandom can harbor. But bi+ people, like in many other fields, can be incorrectly categorized or made to feel lesser among the ranks of other LGBTQ communities, particularly gay and lesbian.

Now, more pro wrestling figures are fighting back against such issues simply by putting themselves and their experiences out for audiences to see and grow. There are so many more rad bi+ people in pro wrestling, but here’s a starter for the uninitiated.

Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox

The owner of the Shiniest Wizard continues to light up the NXT ring by physically embodying the ideal of perseverance. Multiple devastating knee injuries haven’t kept her off her path, and she provided even more inspiration when she came out as bi+ in July. “For me, it’s always been not about gender. If someone makes me laugh and they make me feel good and they’re nice people, I’m all for that. It doesn’t matter if they’re man, woman, it doesn’t matter to me,” she said on WWE’s The Bump.

Allie Kat

Bi+ awareness doesn’t stop with the “B” in LGBTQ. The pansexual community gets to share the love and spotlight as well and Allie Kat deserves both. She came out as pansexual last year, but has been beckoning opponents to rub her belly, popping White Claws and delivering Laricats in the most prominent independent wrestling promotions for years.

O’Shay Edwards

O’Shay Edwards

The Big Bad Kaiju continues to put Ring of Honor and countless other promotions on notice. His mix of power, athleticism and charisma has made him a treat to watch across the east coast. But the man behind the beast showed marked vulnerability in a touching coming out story earlier this year, announcing himself as bisexual to the world. “I’m proud of who I am. I am a bisexual Black man living in the United States of America.”

Sophie King

Sophie King

The Heckboy remains a staple in the midwest independent scene despite being sidelined during the pandemic. Their appearances in Rise and SHIMMER helped highlight non-binary identies within pro wrestling, but King also places their bisexual identity to the forefront. We’re still waking for the debut of their groundbreaking tag team “Them” alongside fellow non-binary wrestler Still Life with Apricots & Pears.

Russell Rogue

If his Biconic nickname didn’t tip you off, Russell Rogue has positioned himself as a driving force of the LGBTQ pro wrestling movement. Lending his voice to social justice and racial equity movements, Rogue endeared himself to marginalized audiences. All while building out a fun, engaging persona that doesn’t apologize for its queerness. Bad bi+ bitches push cultural movements too.

Solo Darling

Whether she’s alongside tag team partner Willow Nightingale or on her own, Darling has made a name for herself throughout the east coast and Ohio valley. Winning tag team gold and holding prominent spots in companies like Beyond Wrestling, SHINE and SHIMMER are solid highlights as Darling nears a decade in the business, but her coming out post in June was the pansexual cherry on top. She and her pupper valet, Officer Magnum, are always a treat.

Jordan Blade

Jordan Blade (right) with fellow King of the District Eel O’Neal

Some know her as the Anklebreaker. Some know her as one half of the DMV’s hottest tag teams, the Kings of the District. But the lasting image of Blade for me is her proudly brandishing the bisexual flag at Butch vs. Gore. It’s an indelible image that embodies the spirit of Bi+ awareness within the pro wrestling industry. She will break your ankle though…

Aubrey Edwards

All Elite Wrestling continues to position itself as the mainstream pro wrestling alternative, with highlighting queer identities being one of its more celebrated practices. Multiple bi+ roster members, including former Women’s World champion Nyla Rose and Dani Jordyn, are among those ranks, but referee Aubrey Edwards shows that focus isn’t reserved solely for the wrestlers. Along with her own bisexual identity, Edwards regularly highlighted different sections of the LGBTQ community by donning manicures featuring Pride colors of those communities during Pride month.

Keita Murray

Keita loves orange soda, and audiences that have gotten the chance to see the Bisexual King quickly realize that they love Keita. The Los Angeles-based wrestler has only recently began embracing his bisexual identity within wrestling but is already finding acceptance and praise. Like another notable west coast LGBTQ wrestler said, the west coast has something to say, and “All That” Keita Murray is a part of that push for visibility.

MV Young

MV Young

The leader of the Polyam Cult is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in independent pro wrestling. The pansexual paint job at his latest Outdoor Polyam Cult Party alone makes him worthy of this list. But his work with Uncanny Attractions highlights marginalized voices in pro wrestling and his Polyam Cult community fosters a level of acceptance rarely found elsewhere in wrestling circles. Answer his Ringlight Challenge if you dare, bby.

Who is your favorite? Tell us about other bi+ wrestlers you’d like us to report on in the comments below!