One of the questions we get asked most at Outsports is “How should I come out to my team?” Do you tell one person at a time? Do it during the season? Let them figure it out themselves? There are so many different elements to consider.

Ahead of National Coming Out Day, we co-presented a conversation with GO! Space, highlighting some of that group’s members and their experiences coming out to their teammates. GO! Space is a support and friendship network of LGBTQ current and former high school and college athletes.

The virtual event took place Thursday night and if you missed it, scroll down to watch the video. Each of the athletes has a unique experience and story, and they all offer some things to think about before coming out.

The athletes who shared their insights and experiences are a diverse group from across the United States:

Moderating the conversation was high school basketball coach and athletic director Anthony Nicodemo, who came out to his team, and publicly, several years ago.

The event was streamed on Facebook and Zoom. Click here to watch:

How to come out to your team

5 LGBTQ athletes and a coach share their insights coming out to their teams across sports.

Posted by Outsports on Thursday, October 8, 2020