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Today’s Outsports Headlines:

Justin Thomas’ apology for anti-gay slur falls short

They met while with the Arkansas Razorbacks. Now they’re engaged to marry

In other LGBT Sports news…

How the WNBA helped turn Georgia blue by ABC News out gay correspondent Steve Osunsami

LGBT Organizations Athlete Ally, GLAAD, PFLAG Join Chorus To Remove Trump

Adam Rippon & His Mom Reflect On His Coming Out Experience

Tyler Wright is SurferToday’s “Athlete of the Year 2020”

Out Bisexual Champion surfer Tyler Wright of Australia at Honolulu Bay on December 2, 2019 in Maui, Hawaii.

Also new today…

Nickelodeon’s first NFL playoff game is slime-filled fun

The Ravens’ celebration dance on the Titans’ logo was the perfect petty revenge

The Browns scored a TD on the first play after an 18-year playoff drought

Matchup for the ages: Saints, Drew Brees will host Buccaneers, Tom Brady

The NFL’s 8K camera makes real life look like a video game

N.Y. Ranger quits Twitter to protest Trump’s ban


The Sports Equality Foundation today launched its own TikTok account for your love of Sports!

The very first video is from out queer athlete Couper Gunn.


What is our purpose? #gaytiktok #queerathlete #closetedtiktok #gay #fyp

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

If you don’t have TikTok on your phone, you can view content by clicking here.

Outsports is teaming up with the Sports Equality Foundation, GO! SPACE and ECA to empower LGBTQ athletes, coaches, and sports leaders, and together demonstrate that equality in sports transforms everyday culture to be more welcoming and inclusive for all.

Be Authentic, Be True, Be You for Your Love of Sports.

Members of the ECA and GOSPACE and all out athletes, coaches and sports folk are invited to contribute their own “I AM” video for the TikTok account. Click here for details!

If you’re an LGBTQ person in sports looking to connect with others in the community, head over to GO! SPACE to meet and interact with other LGBTQ athletes, or to Equality Coaching Alliance to find other coaches, administrators and other non-athletes in sports.

Highlights from Social Media:

Draw some inspiration today from Kyle Stepp who posted this on Instagram with the hashtag #gayathlete:

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Podcast Du Jour

Nearly every day of the week, Outsports has a new podcast for your enjoyment. Today, British sprinter Corinne Humphreys tells our Cyd Zeigler on the Outsports podcast, Five Rings To Rule Them All. that coming out as gay has helped her enjoy her sport more, and she also discusses the importance of empowering LGBTQ youth. Listen here:

This and all Outsports podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and on every platform where you find Outsports!

Today’s Sports Calendar


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