KC Cross knew the time to propose to Megan Pearson was coming. After three years of a long-distance relationship, and navigating the realities of a worldwide pandemic, Cross decided to take the leap.

After talking with their parents, on Friday, Jan. 8, Cross got down on one knee, opened a box containing a ring and asked Pearson to marry them.

She said yes.

“Stuck between ‘finally’ and ‘wasn’t expecting that,” Pearson wrote on social media. While the two had discussed getting married, it still came as a wonderful surprise to the former Razorbacks softball player.

The two have been good friends since they met in 2015. They started dating in 2016, after they’d already gotten to know each other better. Cross, who works in the Univ. of Arkansas Razorbacks athletics department, still calls Fayetteville home, while Pearson lives in Austin, Texas, where Cross popped the question. Cross has spent part of the pandemic with Pearson in Austin.

The couple had discussed waiting until they lived in the same city to get engaged, but Cross simply couldn’t wait anymore.

“It’s definitely a type of joy I’ve never experienced,” Cross told Outsports. “We just keep looking at one another saying, ‘Wow! We’re really engaged!’ And the amazing support we’ve had from friends and family has been incredible. We know how lucky we are and don’t take that for granted at all!”

The weekend was capped with a very rare, magical snowfall in Austin. A special weekend for the couple all around. We wish them a life of joy together!

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