Allow me to take a few minutes of your time to salute our deputy managing editor, Alex Reimer, who celebrates one year with Outsports today.

Alex joined us after a stint in state government public relations and a celebrated career as a radio personality at WEEI in Boston. In announcing his hire on Jan. 15, 2020, I described him as a journalist, broadcaster, flag football fan and an out gay man, and added that he ran cross country in high school but considers himself “not that athletic,” citing Boston Spirit Magazine.

He’s been in sports broadcasting in some form since he was 12 years old, talking with some authority about his beloved Red Sox and other New England sports teams.

Alex Reimer, age 12, in the Fenway dugout.

“I have always known two things about myself: I am gay, and love to write about sports,” Reimer said. “As I grow older, I have been searching for a way to combine the two, and am honored to join you all here at Outsports. Though I have been an avid reader of the site for several years, I know I have a lot to learn.”

If you click this link from our masthead, you’ll be able to scroll through many of his stories and op-eds. Last month, I dedicated my weekly list of LGBTQ sports winners and losers to Alex and highlighted several of his contributions to our site on our homepage, in honor of his 28th birthday.

He celebrated the milestone with a reflection on surviving in this crazy day and age, published on his Substack, Table for One, which I strongly recommend you subscribe to.

In addition to sharing his thoughts there and his reporting here, Alex is also a contributor to in the Sports Money section.

And like most of us here at Outsports, Alex’s fine work has of course been noted by bigots and transphobes like the gang over at NewsBusters. You’ll have to Google them if you want to read their screed, because I’m damn sure not going to give them the benefit of a link.

Alex has his own podcast, The Sports Kiki, which drops every Saturday and plays every weekend on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and on every platform where you find Outsports. He’s also been a guest on our other Outsports podcasts, including The Trans Sporter Room, a number of times. Take a listen to the show in which we introduced him to the team by clicking here.

All this is just to say, we’re glad you’re here, Alex. We are all looking forward to another year of your contributions to Outsports, to Boston radio, the podcast universe and to journalism!

You can follow Alex Reimer on Twitter (@AlexReimer1) and on Instagram (@areims12).