Gay pop anthems and football came together last Saturday at Michigan Stadium.

Now that’s a winning combination.

Michigan’s marching band performed an LGBTQ-themed halftime show Sept. 25 in The Big House for its game against Rutgers (the Wolverines won, 20-13). The show honored the 50th anniversary of the Spectrum Center, the first LGBTQ space to be formed on a college campus.

The playlist was awesome. The band performed hits that would satisfy gays of multiple generations. Whitney, Gaga and Kim Petras were all represented.

“Another medley including ‘Heart to Break,’ ‘We Are Family,’ and ‘True Colors’ proudly emphasizes our unequivocal support for the LGBTQ+ community, because love is love, and loves wins,” said the stadium PA announcer early in the performance.

Also celebrating the Spectrum Center’s 50th anniversary, Michigan alumnus Howard Bragman, the PR guru who’s represented an array of high-profile athletes coming out, also donated $1 million to establish the Howard Bragman Coming Out Fund. It will be used to provide emergency financial assistance to LGBTQ youth.

“My hometown was an hour away from campus, but it was a world away,” Bragman told Outsports. “I love Ann Arbor and I love that university, where it took me and the friends I made and the learning I experienced. They’re so enlightened with the Spectrum Center. It’s a very special place.”

To our knowledge, Jaden Vazquez of Fordham is the only out LGBTQ Division 1 college football player right now. There have been a handful over the years.

Vazquez recently told our Cyd Zeigler he’s been accepted by his teammates since coming out as bisexual.

“It’s been a lot better than I thought it was going to be,” he said.

Gestures of support like LGBTQ-themed halftime performances are only going to make the college football climate more comfortable for out players. Madonna and football go together.

Pass it on.

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