Astrid Guyart has had a big few months.

The French fencer came out publicly in June, won an Olympic silver medal in women’s team foil over the summer, and has now married her wife.

She posted about her big day with now-wife Julie Lavet on Instagram:

Part of her post, translated to English from French:

“I had underestimated the emotion of this day,” Guyart wrote, “the pure joy, the complete happiness, the sweet madness of having all of your loved ones reunited and delighted to be so to celebrate love until the early hours of the morning.”

They celebrated with a big wedding cake, which when cut into slices revealed a beautiful six-layer rainbow with two female Legos holding hands on top.

Guyart was part of the largest contingent of publicly out LGBTQ athletes at an Olympic Games, at these past games in Tokyo, 186 out athletes in total.

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