The University of Colorado athletics department has created a full-tuition scholarship for athletes seeking to use their platform to create positive change fort the LGBTQ community. They are believed to be the first university to ever create a scholarship like this.

“The Colorado Athletics Visibility Award is designed for scholar athletes to use their visibility as an athlete to elevate LGBTQ+ inclusion in sports and in all areas of life,” said Nicholas Turco, a Colorado student who is the visionary behind the award. “I could not be more proud to be part of Colorado athletics and our amazing team.”

Turco is a runner and previously told his story on Outsports.

The award encourages athletes to create programs that will have a meaningful impact on LGBTQ visibility and inclusion.

This year’s recipients are volleyball player Alexia Kuehl, a middle blocker for the women’s volleyball team, and Evan Battey, a forward for the men’s basketball team. Kuehl is LGBTQ.

Evan Batty and Alexia Kuehl are the inaugural recipients of the Colorado Athletics Visibility Award, given to athletes who support and/or are part of the LGBTQ community.

“I’m very excited to be named the Colorado Athletic Visibility Award recipient,” Kuehl said in a statement. “My hope with this is to bring both my communities together with sports and LGBTQ+, and help raise awareness for younger generations so they don’t have to be afraid to be who they are.”

The scholarship has the full backing of the athletics department.

“We are national leaders and the first athletic department ever to do this,” said Colorado athletic director Rick George. “Colorado athletics supports this effort, and we are so proud of Nicholas Turco’s vision for creating this award.”

The Colorado Buffaloes mostly compete in the Pac-12.

You can learn more about the scholarship and donate by clicking here.