Welcome to day two of the 2021 QWI 200 list. Make sure to check out numbers 200-171 from day one.

Last year’s introduction to the Queer Wrestling Index 100 ended with the point that LGBTQ pro wrestling had grown as a movement and community to the point where “ignoring their presence isn’t an option anymore.”

Just like the community grew and evolved, so too must the QWI. That’s why the list has expanded to 200 stellar and proud LGBTQ wrestlers. That’s why I’ve made the decision to rank the list going forward, instead of 2020’s alphabetical order structure.

Here are the wrestlers ranked this year 170 to 141.

170. Freddie Pryde

The former Tommy Nova burst back onto the British wrestling scene as Freddie Pryde this year, putting his surname into action. His technicolor transformation emerged for Pursuit Pro Wrestling, kickstarting a new chapter in his pro wrestling journey defined by celebration of self as much as of his community.

169. Juicy Jimmy

The 17-year Ohio Valley veteran stayed busy throughout Eastern U.S. in 2021. Jimmy wrestled for numerous Kentuckiana promotions, including Paradigm Pro Wrestling, Ultimate Championship Wrestling and Kentucky Elite Pro Wrestling. He also debuted with Nashville’s Union Wrestling Latin American and culminated a feud with Larry Cooter over the Revolutionary Wrestling Alliance title in a bodybag match.

168. Kendall Marie

The referee-turned-wrestler took her juice box to multiple West Coast and Pacific Northwest promotions this year. “The Juice Box Kid” competed in Washington-based 5CC Wrestling’s tag team championship tournament alongside Great Bambina before facing off against her at Scuttlebutt Spot Fest 3. Marie also got back into the mix at Hoodslam during their first shows since the start of the pandemic.

167. Alex Maze

A protege of Speedball Mike Bailey, “The Firework” Alex Maze is just starting to get the ball rolling after Canada lifted Covid restrictions. After multiple appearances on Bailey’s Twitch channel, Maze stepped into the ring at Montreal-based International Wrestling Syndicate in both singles competition and teaming with fellow Bailey student Kristara.

166. Jensen Ryan

Ryan is another of the new crop of wrestlers coming out of UK-based Quality Wrestling. Making his debut during the company’s crowdless virtual series, Ryan formed the tag team Project Venom with wrestler Raphael James. The two won their tag team debut at QW’s Halloween event.

165. Parm Singh Mann

Perhaps the stretchiest entry on this year’s list, Parm Singh Mann continues to emerge as an intriguing new grappler in the Pacific Northwest. The “Bendy Brown Boy” showed no fear when stepping into the ring for new Vancouver-based promotion Nation Extreme Wrestling against powerhouse opponents Bishop and Sebastian Wolfe.

164. Cassius

“The Neon Explosion” saw his star rise even more in 2021 thanks to multiple television appearances, but he also put his foot down in Charles Crowley’s violent cinematic match properly dubbed “You Are Cordially Invited.” Cassius was also the subject of the documentary “Cassius: Pride of Brighton” on IWTV.

163. Rebecca Reznor

Ireland’s very own “Blue Eyes White Dragon” got back to dueling once Covid restrictions lifted in the region. Reznor brought the fight in Tidal Championship Wrestling, Prime Wrestling and Phoenix Events Wrestling, including a one-on-one contest against Pro Wrestling EVE favorite Natalie Sykes. While they identify as an ally, Rebecca has started using their profile to better normalize the use of gender-diverse pronouns for themself and others.

162. Amber Jo

Portsmouth native Amber Jo followed up her historic debut in 2020 with yet another groundbreaking moment for trans wrestling. “The Notorious Angel” became the first out trans woman to compete for a UK Women’s championship in her debut with Immortal Wrestling, though she did steal the belt. Her tag team with close friend Curtis Elliot, The Vainglorious Authority, also debuted for Quality Wrestling.

161. Skye James

After an injury and the pandemic put this Northern Irish wrestling favorite on the sideline for a good chunk of 2021, the “Rainbow Rebel” returned to her old stomping grounds at Titanic Wrestling. James excelled in the tag team division, partnering with Wee Enzo to challenge for the Titanic Tag Team titles.

160. Sway Archer

“The Culture King” is one of the more talented prospects to come out of Canada’s Battle Arts Academy and is ripe to take the Ontario and American wrestling scene by storm. He became a prominent voice in intersectional discussions on race, queerness and pro wrestling while jumping into gear making during the pandemic, and made his debut with prominent Ontario promotion C4 in November.

159. Bobbi Diamond

A favorite of pro wrestling audiences in Belfast, Bobbi Diamond returned from his pandemic layoff to challenge for the Titanic Wrestling championship. The “Queen of Mean” could rekindle his rivalry with Skye James at some point down the line, but Diamond is reasserting himself as a top contender in the promotion in the meantime.

158. Mitchell Starr

One-half of the Queer World Order, Mitchell Starr got back into the thick of things at his home promotion, Norwich-based World Association of Wrestling. Starr appeared in the WAW’s Crusher Mason Memorial Rumble in June and made his presence known at various other British indies, including Big Top Wrestling and a main event battle with Grado at a Halloween charity event.

157. Priscilla

The other half of the Queer World Order returned to remind everyone why Priscilla calls herself the “Queen of the Ring.” Priscilla made appearances with RISE Underground and Preston City Wrestling before challenging Simon Miller for the KAPOW! Wrestling championship in October.

156. Parada

One of the more popular names in the Southwest U.S. broke out onto the national stage in April when Parada entered the Tag Team Twink Gauntlet with fellow Bad Bitchez partner Jai Vidal at EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch. Parada also made appearances at FSW Las Vegas and the Arizona Wrestling Federation, where he held multiple championships for the first half of the year.

155. Keith Haught

The Eastern U.S. got a lot of the non-binary “Appalachian Cryptid” this year, with Haught making multiple appearances with All or Nothing Wrestling, International Combat Sports, and POSER Wrestling, defending their POSER Softcore championship. They also notched appearances with Pittsburgh favorite Ryse Wrestling.

154. Yan Karlor

The self-described salvation for Brazilian pro wrestling, Karlor currently reigns as the Brazilian Wrestling Federation Internet champion. Karlor’s nearly two years with the title brought him multiple challengers throughout the year, but Karlor remains champion while setting his sights on the top title in Brazil’s top promotion.

153. Paris Sahara

Paris Sahara reached a new milestone this year, becoming a champion for the first time in her career when she captured the Real Action Pro Wrestling Wildcard championship in September. “The Ebony Sensation” also made waves in Prospect Pro Wrestling, Warriors of Wrestling and Eclipse Wrestling.

152. Cerberus

Cerebus remained an intimidating force in the Northeast U.S. pro wrestling scene, adding to his long legacy of in-ring competition. He starred for Stand Alone Wrestling, SWF and Pro Wrestling After Dark this year. Cerberus stood toe-to-toe with Mr. Grim minutes after kissing his partner at PWAD Taste The Rainbow, showing that “The Hound of Hades” has a sweet side as well.

151. Estrella Divina

Mexico’s most prominent trans luchadora kept the rolls coming across the lucha libre independent scene. Appearing mostly with the International Wrestling Revolution Group in Juarez, Divina challenged for both singles and trios championships while stepping into the ring with top names like Dr. Wagner Jr. and Black Taurus.

150. Kikyo

“The Fallen Flower” stared down Su Yung and competed for 5CC Wrestling before a knee injury sidelined her, but she remained a visible force within 5CC and SOS Pro Wrestling despite the setback. Kikyo can be found currently helming the mic at 5CC and stands ready to take the Pacific Northwest by storm once again.

149. Zeke Mercer

Pittsburgh, PA’s own laid claim to gold in multiple promotions throughout the year. Mercer held the Eclipse Wrestling Tag Team title, is set to challenge for the World Domination Wrestling Alliance Tag Team titles and made multiple appearances in Prospect Pro Wrestling. They hit the jackpot in September though, winning the Real Shoot Wrestling championship for the first time.

148. Visage

British wrestling’s hard-hitting drag queen pulled no punches once they were able to get back into the ring. After battling at Charles Crowley’s “You Are Cordially Invited,” Visage weathered an intense battle with Chase Alexander in TNT Extreme Wrestling along with appearances at Wrestle Carnival and House of Pain Wrestling.

147. Jaques Kennedy

Kennedy found numerous opponents across the Midwest in need of purification, making stops in ZOWA, Anna Fight Underground and Zero1 USA. “The Luminary” captured the IWA Unlimited Club championship in September and debuted for New Wave Pro, rekindling their rivalry with Anakin Murphy.

146. Santiago

A product of deathmatch legend Matt Tremont’s H2O Academy, Santiago made multiple appearances on H2O’s developmental series, H2O Undiscovered. He regularly appeared on H2O events as Nicholas Grande’s beleaguered butler before topping him in an I Quit match and breaking out on his own as “The Jack of All Trades.”

145. Corinne Mink

“The Legit Hoss” Corinne Mink shocked many when she announced 2021 would be her final year as an active wrestler, but, if this is the end, she’s going out with a bang. Mink entered the Britney Spears Open invitational at Pro Wrestling VIBE’s Cassandro Cup, challenged for the Iron Heart Pro Wrestling Women’s title and continues to hold the United Pro Wrestling Association Women’s title. Mink also appeared for Dropkick Depression and fought for the honor of Terra Calaway at Chad Spectacular’s Soiree.

144. Kidd Bandit

Pro Wrestling’s favorite Waifu put together one storm of a rookie year in 2021, delivering innovative offense and Naruto runs across the West Coast. “The Protaganist of Pro Wrestling” brought their anime action lines to VERSUS Pro Wrestling and Santino Bros. Pro Wrestling among others. Kidd Bandit also competed in East Bay Pro Wrestling’s Young Lions Cup tournament and made their All Elite Wrestling debut on AEW Dark.

143. Madness

One of the forefathers of the LGBTQ pro wrestling movement, the “Texas Hellhound” Madness brought the Pup Pack to multiple Texas independent promotions in 2021. Among those was Pride Championship Wrestling, one of the first explicitly LGBTQ wrestling promotions, which Madness founded. Madness became the inaugural PCW Oso champion at the company’s first show since the Covid pandemic.

142. Nikki Van Blair

Nikki Van Blair can do it all, and he proved it once again in multiple Australian promotions. One of Australia’s favorite queens jumped into the fray at Future Wrestling Australia and PWA Black Label alongside Rhys Angel after a year away from the ring.

141. Joey Romero

The longtime Pride Championship Wrestling champion defended his championship one last time before hanging up his boots at PCW Lucha Oso, relinquishing the title to Matt The Wrestler. One of the rocks of PCW, Romero also regularly wrestled at Texas Wrestling Association, cementing him as a staple of the San Antonio wrestling scene.

Come back tomorrow for the next 30 2021 QWI 200 honorees!