Welcome to day four of the 2021 QWI 200 list. We’re halfway there!

Last year’s introduction to the Queer Wrestling Index 100 ended with the point that LGBTQ pro wrestling had grown as a movement and community to the point where “ignoring their presence isn’t an option anymore.”

Just like the community grew and evolved, so too must the QWI. That’s why the list has expanded to 200 stellar and proud LGBTQ wrestlers. That’s why I’ve made the decision to rank the list going forward, instead of 2020’s alphabetical order structure.

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Here are the wrestlers ranked this year from 110 to 81.

110. Leo London

After a reinvention during the pandemic, Leo London welcomed all to join the Black Parade across Canada. London returned to the ring after 500-plus days, appearing for Real Canadian Wrestling, Force Wrestling and making his return to home promotion Winnipeg-based Premier Championship Wrestling. London also launched his vlog series “Life On The Murder Scene” alongside his deep dives into Yu-Gi-Oh! On his YouTube channel.

109. AC Rizzy

Always outspoken and in your face, AC Rizzy brought the fight in and out of the ring in the Southeast U.S. this year. She made her return to SHINE Wrestling against Karma Dean and Katalina Perez, wiped up competition in Ring Wars Carolina and Fire Star Pro Wrestling and greeted fans at WrestleCade weekend. She also lent her voice to frank discussions on mental health awareness with Theo Ivory on “AC and The Tea.”

108. Rosie Nyte

One of the hottest rising stars in Scotland, Rosie Nyte hit new highs in a pandemic shortened year. Nyte made her debut with top Scottish promotion Insane Championship Wrestling, building a rivalry with the She Wolves that played out on the WWE Network and Peacock. She also debuted with Pro2 Wrestling and continued her reign as Almost Pro Women’s champion in Shield Pro Wrestling.

107. Cameron Saturn

Representing the Big Starkz Brand and Shooters Don’t Die, Cameron Saturn built quite the following for his Crop Top Army. Saturn brought his “Bi-Furious” energy to ACTION Wrestling, Hybrid Championship Wrestling and Epic Wrestling Entertainment during the year. He also challenged for the New Wave Pro and Paradigm Pro Wrestling Tag Team championships.

106. Tommy Purr

The “Sin City Kitty” Tommy Purr helped bring eyes on the Las Vegas wrestling scene during its 2021 breakthrough. Purr main-evented Dark Sheik’s Fearless, facing off with Brittany Wonder in a Good Housekeeping match while donning a striking Cyclops cosplay. He also made multiple appearances with VERSUS Pro Wrestling and battled Joey Mayberry in a strap match at Big Valley Wrestling. And he did all that while maintaining his toy review YouTube channel.

105. Abigail Warren

The West Coast got more than a taste of this spellbinding second-generation star. “La Bruja” Abigail Warren defeated Mariah Moreno in a battle of trans wrestling generations to advance to the Princex of Pride title match at Full Queer. Warren also appeared at Portland-based DOA Pro Wrestling and Underground Wrestling Alliance, taking on top talents such as Dark Sheik, Rebel Kel and Anton Voorhees. She also restarted her podcast “Thanks For Stopping By.”

104. Vipress

The popular Hoodslam star applied her talents across the country this year, making multiple appearances on AEW Dark, returning to SHINE Wrestling and challenging for the Hurricane Pro Wrestling Women’s title. “The Serpent of Evil” also debuted with standout women’s promotion SHIMMER, faced off with Ashton Starr at Dark Sheik’s Fearless and took Mercedes Martinez to the limit at Ladies Night Out 11.

103. Papa Jace

Las Vegas hasn’t seen a heel quite like Papa Jace in a long time, if ever. A wrecking force in VERSUS Pro, Jace staked his claim to the VERSUS Batleborn, Big Valley Wrestling Fighting and Party Hard Wrestling Party Monster championships. He recorded notable battles with Jai Vidal, Da Shade and multiple S4TB members and debuted for Graphouse, taking on honorary fifth simp Mikey Banker.

102. The Insidious One

The dark arts are alive in Texas thanks to The Insidious One. The mysterious grappler claimed the Fearless Pro Wrestling Women’s championship and starred at home promotion Reality of Wrestling. She also dimmed the lights of opponents at Loko Wrestling, Renegade Wrestling Revolution and Live Action Wrestling.

101. Jason Joshua

“Big Daddy Unicorn” is back on the BritWres scene after a loaded 2021. Joshua became the number one contender to the WIN Wrestling Heavyweight title, topped fellow rising Brit Che Monet at LGBTQ-owned Full Force Wrestling’s anniversary show and logged appearances with FUTR Wrestling and Academy Pro Wrestling. He also lent his voice to the LGBTQ pro wrestling movement, launching the Big Queer Wrestling Podcast highlighting LGBTQ talent and allies throughout Europe.

100. Kaydin Pierre

Royalty loves gold, and the “Pink Prince” Kaydin Pierre lived up to that notion. The long-reigning AIWF Cruiserweight champion expanded his quest, staking claim to the All Pro Wrestling Tennessee Tag Team titles and battling Dillon McQueen and Kota Holliday over the MPG Pride championship. Pierre also had a short reign as AIWF TV champion and challenged for the APW Tennessee Junior Heavyweight title.

99. MarcoMania

California found a new challenger in need of attention in Marco this year. One of the minds behind Full Queer, Marco reached new heights in the Bay Area as part of the tag team MoneyPowerRespect and Underground Wrestling Alliance’s The Agenda stable. He and Fabulous Fabricio captured the East Bay Pro Wrestling Tag Team titles, and Marco also claimed singles gold when he became the inaugural Full Queer Lone Star Champion.

98. Addy Starr

The in-ring environment doesn’t matter when Canada’ Addy Starr steps between the ropes. Her reign as International Wrestling Syndicate Women’s champion came to an end after 924 days with the belt thanks to Veda Scott, but Starr wowed audiences at Interspecies Wrestling’s return show, Slamtasia 7. Starr battled notable deathmatch wrestlers Orin Veidt, Jeff Cannonball and Kennedi Copeland in a 1,000,000 Block deathmatch, featuring a ring covered in Lego bricks.

97. Sean Campbell

“Bittersweet Scum” Sean Campbell has grown into a figure the New South Pro Wrestling audience loves despite his heelish nature. Campbell won his first championship in the company in June, snagging the New South Tag Team titles alongside Wasted Generation partner Brayden Toon. He also faced his largest singles challenge yet when he took on Davey Richards at Anna Fight Underground.

96. Randy Myers

The reigning Defy Wrestling champion kept the spirit of “The Weirdo Hero” alive in his native Canada after a long layoff. As challengers for his Pacific Northwest crown emerged stateside, Myers debuted with Vancouver-based Nation Extreme Wrestling and stepped up at Force Wrestling, spreading his message of LGBTQ acceptance and mental health awareness along the way.

95. Kimberly Spirit

A favorite of Pennsylvania and New Jersey pro wrestling crowds, Kimberly Spirit rose to new heights both in and out of the ring. Spirit made multiple appearances on Commander Sterling’s YouTube series “The Jimquisition” and aided them in raising funds for those affected by the cancellation of Polyam Woodstock. In the ring, Spirit feuded with Sterling, resulting in multiple matches at MV Young’s Polyam Cult Party and she captured the Susquehanna Wrestling Organization Tag Team titles with partner Zac Belmont.

94. Satu Jinn

Satu Jinn may be the most prolific deathmatch competitor to appear on this year’s list. Jinn delivered bloody brawls in some of the most high-profile deathmatch promotions in the U.S., including ICW No Holds Barred, IWA Mid-South and No Peace Underground. He reached the semifinals of Pro Wrestling Trainwreck’s Southern Sickness Cup and won the Ruthless Pro Wrestling Deathmatch championship.

93. Kung Fu Donnie Janela

Joey Janela’s favorite cousin and Southeast U.S. favorite Donnie Janela brought stiff kicks and the sweet tune of “Kiss From a Rose” to multiple promotions in 2021. The former New South Heavyweight champion challenged for the New South Tag Team titles with partners Suge D and Cabana Man Dan. He also returned to Game Changer Wrestling, appearing at both GCW Fight Forever and EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch Chicago. Janela branched out in shoot-style as well, entering Paradigm Pro Wrestling’s UWFi Super Middleweight Grand Prix.

92. Che Monet

Che Monet proved why he is a valuable voice for LGBTQ pro wrestling in Scotland and beyond yet again this year. Monet debuted for Insane Championship Wrestling, reaching new audiences through the WWE Network and Peacock, before facing off with Jason Joshua at Full Force Wrestling’s anniversary show. He also has pushed for LGBTQ inclusion, teasing the idea of running an all-LGBTQ show in Scotland and joining upstart UK LGBTQ promotion Rainbow Pro Wrestling.

91. Everett Cross

The “Lord of Drivers” spread their own brand of dark arts in the Northern U.S. this year. Specifically, the Pro Wrestling Magic Dark Arts title, which Cross won for the second time after defeating Darius Carter in the final seconds of their match. They also stayed in the mix at Unsanctioned Pro after dropping the Unsanctioned Pro Heavyweight title to Cole Radrick, challenging for a second reign. An appearance with Invictus Pro Wrestling rounded out the year for him.

90. Faye Jackson

Widely regarded as Mother to so many pro wrestlers, Faye Jackson ended her memorable pro wrestling career earlier this year after injuring her arm. But that didn’t keep her from continuing to leave a mark. With appearances at GCW Fight Forever, Hybrid Wrestling and Pizza Party Wrestling prior to her retirement, Jackson kept the burning and yearning rivalry between her Creep Squad and Suge D’s Wholesome Gang going for more than a year. She provided a highlight of Wrestlemania week with her Gray Sweatpants Battle Royal and became on of the first inductees into Paris Honors at Paris Is Bumping: Solid Gold ‘21.

89. Kai Fayden

For every superhero pro wrestling produces, there must exist an equitable supervillain, and Kai Fayden stood ready to answer that challenge. “The Digital Devil” revealed himself to be the largest evil facing Jody at Paradigm Pro Wrestling’s No Hook, forming a bewitching duo with Sophie King. Fayden also challenged the “Defender of Rose City” Jaiden in a comic book clash at Without a Cause Wrestling’s return show in August. But demons desire titles as well. Fayden challenged for the Flophouse title at New Wave Pro.

88. Brittany Wonder

The “Ultragirl” was in full effect up and down the West Coast, logging appearances with 5CC Wrestling, Legacy Pro Wrestling and Action Coast Wrestling. She returned to her stomping grounds at Hoodslam, bringing the pain to Brooke Havok, and main-evented Dark sheik’s Fearless against Tommy Purr. Wonder also advanced to the finals of the Princex of Pride title tournament at Full Queer, ultimately falling to Da Shade.

87. Brad Cashew

The holder of the Chaotic Wrestling New England championship for the majority of 2021, Brad Cashew gave crowds throughout the Northeast plenty to chew on. Cashew defended his title against Alec Price and Impact Wrestling’s Eddie Edwards, and he made multiple appearances at Maine-based Limitless Wrestling, including a bout with indie favorite Kevin Ku. Cashew also contributed to LGBTQ visibility by helping Chaotic Wrestling design and introduce the Pan Optic championship in an effort to highlight LGBTQ identities within pro wrestling.

86. Leon Ravage

One-third of Wasteland War Party, one of the most intimidating factions in pro wrestling today, Leon Ravage stomped the competition wherever he set foot. He and Heidi Howitzer claimed the Fest Wrestling Tag Team titles at We Are Family 4, and Ravage found singles gold by topping KiLynn King for the Ignite Wrestling championship. He, Howitzer and Max The Impaler also made their way to New South Pro Wrestling, facing off against Wasted Generation.

85. Lucia Lee

One of the first names announced for UK-based Rainbow Pro Wrestling, Lucia Lee spent 2021 continuing to make her name in British wrestling circles. Lee was a regular at CATCH Wrestling, FUTR Wrestling and debuted for Wrestle Island. She rose through the ranks at South West Wrestling, earning a shot at the SWW Women’s title in a street fight against LA Taylor.

84. Katalina Perez

It feels like “The Queenpin” Katalina Perez has been all over the East Coast this year, both before and after coming out during Pride month. Perez appeared on a handful of AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation episodes, raising her profile as she dealt out punishment in SHINE Wrestling, Championship Wrestling From Atlanta and Southern Honor. She challenged for the tag team titles in Thunder Rosa’s Mission Pro Wrestling and is set to return home to New York for Nickel City Wrestling.

83. Tegan Nox/Nixon Newell

After recovering from another in a long line of major knee injuries, the star of NXT’s Women’s division made her WWE main roster debut on Smackdown. Forming a team with Shotzi Blackheart, Nox leaped right into the WWE Women’s Tag Team title picture, earning victories over then-champions Natalya and Tamina. Despite not getting her due title match, Nox racked up wins. Now divested from WWE, she picked up her former persona Nixon Newell and is ready to bring her “Shiniest Wizard” to any ring that will have her.

82. The Whisper

Despite what his name says, The Whisper didn’t remain quiet in 2021. “The Innovator of Silence” made multiple appearances for Camp Leapfrog, including a shot at the Rey de Ranas title. When he wasn’t camping, The Whisper popped up in H2O, Pizza Party Wrestling, Unsanctioned Pro and Dropkick Depression. He shined in Wrestlemania week scramble matches at EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch and Tony Deppen’s Bier Haus, and he scored his most significant victory by defeating Edit Surreal at Pro Wrestling After Dark’s Pride event Taste The Rainbow.

81. Cassandro

Leyenda, Leyenda, Leyenda. Cassandro remains the patron saint of the LGBTQ pro wrestling movement, becoming the namesake for queer pro wrestling’s top tournament, Pro Wrestling VIBE’s Cassandro Cup. A health scare shortened his year, but he logged multiple appearances with Lucha Libre Entertainment in his home of El Paso, continuing to show the world his strength 33 years into his career.

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