What a week! Baseball is back, we’ve told some great coming out stories and shared news of a superstar couple’s new baby girl! Without further adieu, here are my winners and losers of the week in LGBTQ sports.

Winner: Mack Beggs quotes Dr. Seuss to tell transphobic state lawmakers: ‘We’re here! We’re here!’

Mack Beggs in his 2019-2020 sophomore year profile photo for the Life University Running Eagles.

Collegiate wrestler Mack Beggs tag teams with a Kansas healthcare provider to build national networks of advocacy and resistance.

Be A Winner: Have you been out to teammates? Please take this important survey

A new survey studies the experiences of LGBTQ athletes who have been out on their high school or college teams.

Winner: Gay swimmer overcame racism and won the respect and acceptance of teammates

Dwight Richardson

Dwight Richardson endured a prank with a noose before taking charge and becoming a top-level swimmer.

Winners: Out soccer player Collin Martin joins gay college soccer captain in a TikTok conversation

The San Diego Loyals’ Collin Martin was on TikTok Friday night talking with out gay college soccer captain Couper Gunn of the Sports Equality Foundation.

Winner: How this gay coach found his home in the world of women’s college basketball

Kevin DeMille, an assistant coach at George Washington University, says his players inspire him to be vulnerable.

Winners: Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger adopt a new baby

Ashlyn Harris, left, Ali Krieger and baby Sloane.

The USWNT stars rang in Valentine’s Day with a beautiful new addition to their family.

Former Winner, Becoming A Loser: Figure skating is on thin ice. Here’s how to fix it.

The sport that peaked in the 1990s in the US could desperately use a makeover — and not just at the Olympic level.

Winners: More than 800 pro soccer players in Germany pledge to support LGBTQ teammates

The players expressed their support for LGBTQ athletes in a joint statement.

Losers: For once, let’s not allow Spring Training to obscure MLB’s privilege problem

Current sexual harassment revelations should inspire us to keep demand MLB’s ensure a better game for all marginalized groups — including LGBTQ fans.

Winners: Look at who’s in today’s On Deck Circle, a new daily feature

On Deck Circle is a daily round-up of what’s new in LGBTQ sports news along with today’s social media spotlight.

Loser: Ralph Lauren dropping Justin Thomas isn’t ‘cancel culture,’ but it’s also not a solution

The iconic fashion brand cut ties with the pro golfer after he dropped an anti-gay slur at a PGA Event. Woodford Reserve, the bourbon whiskey manufacturer, says it plans to drop Justin Thomas. Last month, Citi said it is sticking with Thomas, but will require he donate a “meaningful portion” of his proceeds from their agreement to LGBTQ causes.

Winner: How this gay champion gymnast helped start the #FreeBritney movement

Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller was one of the first people who rallied to try and free Britney Spears from her conservatorship.

Winner: Speed skater Matt Rittenhouse was a gay athlete representing the USA

Matt Rittenhouse had negative coming-out experiences, before finding acceptance in his sport.

That’s all for this week! I’ll bring you another list of winners and losers next Saturday. Got a name I missed, or want to challenge my choices? Comment here or on Facebook or Instagram, tweet at us, message me via any social media, or just plain email me at [email protected] Thanks!

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