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Watch a conversation on inclusion in sports with trans, lesbian and straight athletes

The Sports Equality Foundation hosted a discussion of inclusion on TIkTok with trans athletes Mack Beggs, CeCé Telfer and Chris Mosier as well as lesbian former pro volleyball player Brooke Rundle and elite biathlete and straight ally Lucy Hochschartner.

Trans and cis athletes discuss inclusion
Clockwise from left to right: Chris Mosier, CeCé Telfer, Lucy Hochschartner, Brook Rundle and in the center, Mack Beggs.
Beggs: Sports Equality Foundation TikTok; Mosier: Alexandra Genova for NYT; Telfer: Franklin Pierce University Athletics; Rundle: Athlete Ally; Hochschartner: Daily Montanan

The Sports Equality Foundation hosted “A Conversation on Transgender Inclusion in Sports” on its TikTok account Tuesday evening, ahead of the Transgender Day of Visibility.

Mack Beggs led the conversation. He’s the transgender man who made headlines in high school because Texas law would not allow him to wrestle other boys. Tuesday he announced his retirement from collegiate wrestling.

He spoke with the first publicly out trans woman to win an NCAA track & field title, CeCé Telfer, and the world-famous Team USA duathlete, outstanding transgender advocate and Olympic hopeful, Chris Mosier, who is the driving force behind and a Nike athlete.

Joining them in this conversation was Brooke Rundle, a former pro volleyball player, Athlete Ally ambassador and out lesbian who runs a non-profit called Headstrong MindSet. They spoke with elite biathlete Lucy Hochschartner, a straight ally who wrote a powerful op-ed against the Montana bill that would ban trans girls and women from women’s sports.

Each one of these two women and two men is inspiring and amazing.

This discussion of the current state of trans student-athlete inclusion, women’s sports issues, and the importance of allies in these efforts was recorded and can be viewed on Outsports’ YouTube channel.

Click here to watch!

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