Dominique “SonicFox” McLean further cemented their place as a fighting games esports legend Sunday when they conquered the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League’s first season of Mortal Kombat competition.

In their first offline, in-person tournament in nearly a year, SonicFox took down Sayed “Tekken Master” Hashim Ahmed in a grand final that harkened back to the beginning of their rivalry five years ago.

Announced proudly as the “defender of trans rights” and fighting under the trans flag, SonicFox advanced to Sunday’s top eight double-elimination tournament after sweeping through Thursday’s group play, finishing with a 7-0 record.

They wouldn’t taste defeat until meeting Tekken Master in the winners bracket finals after switching from The Joker to Jade in an attempt to counter Tekken Master’s zoning strategy.

The loss galvanized the non-binary FGC icon as they moved quickly through the losers bracket to set up a rematch with Tekken Master in the grand final. It was a scenario eerily similar to the two’s first high-profile meeting at Evo 2016.

That tournament saw Tekken Master battle back after a loss to SonicFox and force a second grand finals match after Tekken Master avenged his loss. SonicFox went on to win the Mortal Kombat XL championship on that day, but the roles were reversed Sunday.

Like Tekken Master in 2016, SonicFox switched back to the high-damage The Joker and pulled out a victory in the first grand finals match in a best-of-nine battle that came down to the final round.

The championship match wouldn’t be as close. SonicFox sent Tekken Master to silver position with a 5-1 shellacking to claim the WePlay UFL Mortal Kombat championship belt.

SonicFox celebrated the victory by thanking all the furries, the LGBTQ+ community and, as only the “defender of trans rights” can, yelling “trans rights” as the confetti flew.